Sarah Snook of “Succession” Welcomes First Child and Shares Sweet Instagram Post

– Sarah Snook, who played Shiv Roy on “Succession,” has given birth to her first child with husband Dave Lawson.
– The baby’s arrival was announced in an Instagram post in which Snook thanked the “Succession” team and expressed pride and gratitude for being a part of the show.
– Snook’s pregnancy was written into the show as her character Shiv Roy learned she was expecting a baby.

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Sarah Snook, who plays Shiv Roy on the HBO hit series “Succession,” has announced that she gave birth to her first child while celebrating the show’s series finale on May 28. Snook shared a photo of the top of her baby’s head on Instagram on May 29 and revealed that she shares the child with husband Dave Lawson, whom she married in March 2020. During the season four premiere of “Succession” in March 2022, Snook had announced her pregnancy and said that she had around “two months” to go.

Snook wrote a lengthy message on Instagram about the finale of “Succession” and expressed how much the show has meant to her, adding that being a part of the series will be a career highlight that “will no doubt be hard to top.” She expressed pride in everyone’s hard work and how they exceeded expectations in every department. Snook wrote that she will miss everything about the show, including the friendships, scripts, locations, and early mornings. She concluded the message by expressing her gratitude for all the love and support.

Notably, Snook’s pregnancy was written into the show, as her character Shiv learned she was expecting a baby with her on-again-off-again husband Tom Wambsgans. Although the Roy siblings were ultimately shut out of Waystar Royco’s top seat, Snook certainly has much to celebrate in her own new role as a mother.

Snook’s announcement marks the latest chapter in the ongoing story of “Succession,” which has been a critical and commercial success since its debut in 2018. The show has won several awards, including the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 2020, and has been praised for its sharp writing, performances, and exploration of power dynamics within a wealthy family. As Snook prepares for this new chapter in her life, fans of “Succession” eagerly await news about the show’s future and whether it will continue past its fourth season.