Sarah Hyland Gushes About Her “Forgiving and Loving” Husband Wells Adams, Talks Tic Tac Partnership and Returning to Broadway-esque Roots on Streaming Series

Sarah Hyland praises her husband, Wells Adams, for his kindness and support towards everyone he loves.

Hyland admits to having a “New York edge” while promoting Tic Tac’s new flavor at a pop-up shop in Chelsea Market.

Hyland is thrilled to be working with a female showrunner and is excited to showcase her vocal skills in season two of “Bumper in Berlin.”

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Sarah Hyland, the star of Pitch Perfect and Modern Family, has been with her husband, Wells Adams, for nearly six years. The couple tied the knot in a gorgeous August 2022 ceremony after a pandemic-induced delay to their 2019 engagement. Hyland can’t say enough good things about her partner, who she describes as having a “beautiful, kind, generous and supportive heart for everybody he loves”. Even when this author suggests that she must be pretty great herself, Hyland’s praise for Adams remains unwavering.

Hyland attributes her “New York edge” to being a bit less forgiving than her husband, saying that she admires his ability to forgive and love everybody for who they are. Although she may be tough-minded, Hyland’s promo for Tic Tac’s new strawberry & cream flavor at a special Chelsea Market pop-up dubbed The Tic Tac Experience has her enjoying her sweet side. As a kid, she joked that she downed a box of Tic Tacs a day.

The actress reflects on her wedding day to Adams at the Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California, as a beautiful and fulfilling experience. Despite being a very detail-oriented person, she says it turned out “exactly how I pictured everything down the final detail.” In particular, Hyland appreciated taking a moment outside to connect with nature before the festivities got underway, which helped center her and keep her in the moment throughout the day.

Onscreen, Hyland is thrilled to be working with Adam Devine again in Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, where they play romantic interests. She’s also loving the experience of working with sole female showrunner Megan Amram, describing the dynamic as empowering. The show has recently been renewed for a second season.

Overall, Hyland seems to be genuinely enjoying life at the moment. The opportunity to sing on the streaming series is a return to her roots, which has been a thrill, and she’s loving getting back to her New York City upbringing. With plenty of career highlights to reflect on and many more to come, it seems like Hyland is living her best life with the support of her loving partner by her side.