Rules of Sexting: How to Impress but Stay Respectful

Rules of Sexting: How to Impress but Stay Respectful
Photo by Jae Park

The past couple of years have been tough for those in committed relationships and singles keen to get to know prospective partners. People forced to socially distance themselves have discovered electronic communication has proved to be so beneficial. Texts, emails, phone calls, and video chats have all been utilized. Singles can also thumb flirty messages into their phones or tablets while they seek to impress. Naturally, sexting has gained prominence. As a way of keeping the embers of passion burning brightly, explicit but carefully chosen words can work wonders. Let’s take a closer look into sexting so that you understand the rules and learn how to achieve the tricky balance between impressing someone with your words while remaining respectful.

  1. Make sure you’re in the right place for sexting

Here’s your first tip for mastering the fine art of sexting. Ensure you are in an environment that is comfortable and discreet. You don’t want to feel rushed into composing your communications too hastily. So many people hit that all-important ‘send’ button before checking out what they’ve written first. Even sexts will lose their impact if riddled with spelling errors. How about a safe online setting like sext chat rooms made for people into flirty conversations? These are places where you are guaranteed privacy and a captive audience of other singles who might be more than amenable to what you have to say. Now take your time to think about what you want to put down into black and white. If you need to edit your first draft offline, then do so. Sexting can become an important part of your life in terms of its potential to boost your love life, so treat this subject with the degree of seriousness it deserves. You might be inspired by certain turns of phrases while watching a steamy rom-com or listening to the lyrics of your favorite soul song. Why not jot these down, either into a password-protected Word document or into the Notes app of your smartphone? Refer to your treasure trove of handy sexting ideas just before writing out your latest sexy sext!

  1. Check to avoid sending some sensitive information

Another tip that can’t be over-emphasized is the need to be super careful with your sexts. This covers the content of your suggestive message, but even more crucially, the recipient. The world is full of people who have almost died of mortification because they inadvertently sent a hot-blooded sext, full of descriptions of favorite bedroom positions, to the wrong person. (That old aunt you sent a thank you note to recently might wonder what on Earth she has just received in her inbox!)

  1. Be creative in your teasing to avoid boredom

Sexting, like many other forms of written communication, needs to be interesting and exciting. You don’t ever want your flirtatious remarks to sound cliched or as if you’ve simply copy pasted them from some other source. If you are in the habit of juggling one or two potential suitors at the same time, do make sure that you use the intended recipient’s name in the message. Failure to observe this strict rule could have drastic consequences on the longevity of your relationship!

  1. Notice small things to use in conversation

As you get to know more about your partner, you’ll pick up on little things that turn them on. Is it when you whisper sweet nothings as you sit in a darkened movie theater? Or a particular move you like to make when you’re alone together? The more familiar you get with your significant other, the more these will enter your conversation. Then they can be easily transposed into your lurid messaging.

  1. Remember you can end up meeting in real life

Our final sexting rule. If you’re a single who is flirting with a prospective partner in a digital environment like chat rooms, always keep in mind that the ultimate aim of your connection is likely to be a face-to-face rendezvous. So, you’ll never want to feel a little embarrassed about the things you’ve been sexting. It always pays to look into different ways of enhancing romance, aside from thinking of erotic innuendos. Before going straight to sexting, think of more straightforward ways to express how you feel about someone. Just giving compliments is great!

If you follow these basic rules, you’ll soon develop the confidence to sext with ease. What was once a topic that might have left you feeling a little flustered can now be something you own! You don’t have to restrict your sexy messages to times when you know your partner will be alone at bedtime. Research has revealed the most popular sexting times are actually in the morning! It seems that some itchy-fingered individuals find that sexting can be one way to alleviate the monotony of their working day!