Rosalía and Jenner’s Rapid Friendship and Intimate Moments

– Rosalía and Jenner quickly became friends after Jenner attended the singer’s concert.
– Jenner posted videos and photos of Rosalía on Instagram, referring to her as “my baby” and “my wife.”
– Both Rosalía and Jenner expressed their affection for each other on social media and in interviews, but they clarified that they were just “good friends” and not collaborating on a project.

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Rosalía and Kylie Jenner’s friendship blossomed quickly, and their connection was evident from the start. Jenner attended Rosalía’s concert at the Staples Center in January 2020, capturing various moments from the performance on her Instagram stories. Alongside the videos, she affectionately referred to Rosalía as “my baby,” “my wife,” and teased that she was “taken.” The reality TV star even shared an intimate photo of her and Rosalía, showcasing them embracing each other while entwining their legs. A ring emoji hidden in Jenner’s caption sparked a playful response from Rosalía, who referred to Jenner as “WifeyyyyYyYyY.”

Rosalía reciprocated the affectionate gesture by reposting Jenner’s photo on her own Instagram account. Accompanied by the caption, “I said yessss💍,” Rosalía solidified their friendship publicly, leaving fans buzzing with anticipation. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the 2020 Grammys, Rosalía spoke glowingly about her special bond with Jenner. She expressed her admiration, stating, “She’s a very good friend of mine, and I hope that tonight I see her. Yeah, I love her a lot, she knows it.” When pressed about a potential collaboration, Rosalía clarified that they were simply “good friends.”

Their friendship holds a unique camaraderie, as Rosalía and Jenner support each other both personally and professionally. While their relationship has brought speculation about collaborations, for now, it seems their connection is founded on genuine friendship. Fans eagerly await glimpses of their continued adventures, knowing that their bond is an unbreakable one.