Reasons Christina Ricci Had Difficulty Bonding with Daughter Cleopatra Initially

Christina finally cracked the code to a nighttime routine that allowed her some shut-eye. “The only way I could do that was to lie with him, and he would breastfeed whatever he wanted,” she revealed. She had to share the bed with him. It was the only way she could catch enough z’s to function at work the next day.

Christina’s kids aren’t fans of her work travels. Still, she often brings her son along. “If you’re a series regular, you have to pay for everything,” she pointed out. The cost of traveling with everyone was just too steep. “Every time I go up and down, I can’t pay for four people, four flights, and the rooms that you need…it’s just too expensive,” she confessed.

“I’ve figured out a way of at least bringing my son with me places,” she added. As for her daughter, she admitted, “I just have to work it out in the future.” There’s a hint of uncertainty there, a touch of the human unpredictability we all know and love.