Raquel Leviss Responds to Tom Sandoval’s Confession of Continued Love

Leviss has a history. A history of falling for the wrong kind of men. Narcissistic men, to be precise.

She gave an example, her ex-fiancé James Kennedy. “I fell for one narcissistic jerk,” she confessed. That relationship lasted five years.

But did she learn? Nope. She jumped right into the arms of another narcissistic jerk. “I feel like I’ve lost some precious time,” she mused. Lessons learned the hard way, indeed.

She was candid about her past. “I stayed in unhealthy relationships for far too long,” she admitted.

And what about Sandoval? Leviss was clear. “Our connection wasn’t love,” she stated.

Her latest comments about her ex-lover come about two weeks after a rather interesting suggestion. She hinted that Sandoval might have planned their affair to boost VPR’s ratings.

“The thought has crossed my mind,” she revealed on the Jan. 29 episode of Rachel Goes Rogue. “Did Tom mastermind this?” Sandoval is known to self-produce. His career depends on the show. “He’s over 40 now, and this is his life. This is his main income.”

Want to know more? Keep reading. There’s a lot that’s happened since the Scandoval controversy. It’s blown up the cast’s lives.

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