Ranked From Bad to Worst: The Top 10 Least Favourite UK Celebs | 2023

Persons Doing a Thumbs Down

For a small island, Britain produces a disproportionate amount of talent and has a lot to be proud of. On the flip side, however, there are also those British celebs that the world openly dislikes for many reasons. 

Many feel little to no remorse for having such a strong dislike towards these celebrities because, more often than not, they’d have brought such negative opinions on themselves. Some might even go as far as saying they’ve ‘earned’ their position on this list. And it’s not only because some of these Brits’ fortune is unwarranted and undeserving, but to put it bluntly because they’re downright insufferable.

So it should be far from a surprise that people who work endless days and nights to earn a living fantasize about having these stars’ undeserved wealth. True, there are possibilities of pocketing some extra cash – but many a time, these are a matter of sheer luck. For example, registering at an online casino with the latest UK no-deposit bonuses may very well increase your potential for a win. But still, the chances of that happening are rather low. 

If you find yourself wondering who Britain’s least favourite celebrities are, here are our Top 10 ranked from bad to worst.

1. Lily Allen

Kicking things off is singer Lily Allen. Her outspoken nature and provocative statements on social media have often rubbed people the wrong way, leading to controversies and heated debates. She has been criticized for her confrontational attitude towards fans and critics alike, which has alienated a portion of her fanbase. Moreover, some perceive her as attention-seeking and self-centered, which has served to diminish her appeal. 

2. Jamie Oliver

Now here is one you might be surprised to find making an appearance on this list. Jamie Oliver, who was once Britain’s sweetheart, has fallen from grace despite his culinary success. The celebrity chef has come under criticism for his advocacy work on various food-related issues, which many perceive to be preachy and out of touch with reality. For instance, he campaigned to see the end of 2-for-1 supermarket deals on unhealthy foods, which some say is tone-deaf given the fact that the UK is going through a cost-of-living crisis. 

3. Gemma Collins

Reality TV star and media personality Gemma Collins is commended by some for her strong personality and confidence. However, she has also faced criticism for diva-like behavior and perceived self-promotion. Collins has also been accused of seeking attention and creating unnecessary drama on reality shows. Moreover, certain public spats and controversies have contributed to unfavorable public perceptions of the star.

4. Gordon Ramsay

Renowned chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay may have a massive following but not necessarily for the right reasons. Ramsay’s aggressive and foul-mouthed demeanor, which has been showcased on various cooking shows, albeit entertaining, has served to make him a somewhat polarizing figure. Many people find his behavior abrasive and offensive, leading to a perception of arrogance.

5. Simon Cowell

The prominent TV producer and talent show judge may have softened over the years but remains amongst the least favorite UK celebrities for his harsh, and somewhat uncalled for, critiques on shows like The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Many express opinions on Simon Cowell’s insensitive and demoralizing comments to contestants. Moreover, Cowell’s reputation for promoting manufactured and commercialized music has drawn criticism from those who prefer more authentic and diverse musical talent. 

6. Russell Brand

Russell Brand, the British comedian and actor, has prided himself on being controversial, but, unfortunately, this approach has backfired on him more recently. Known for seeking attention and provoking reactions, he has offended various communities with his humour. One notable incident involved making a joke about Hugo Boss at the GQ Men of the Year awards, which was perceived as insensitive and offensive to Jewish people. His response on Twitter to the situation further exacerbated the issue, leading to widespread disappointment. These incidents, coupled with his unapologetic demeanor, have fueled negative sentiments.

7. Prince Harry

Although he was once one of Britain’s favorite royals, Prince Harry’s recent decisions and actions have garnered criticism. His choice to step back from royal duties and public revelations about his personal life have caused controversy and divided opinions. Although he initially received a fair amount of support for prioritizing his mental health and family, many believe the revelations made in his memoir Spare took things a little too far, causing his popularity to plummet, even in the US, where the Sussexes were once welcomed with open arms.

8. Katy Hopkins

Outside the UK, most people won’t have a clue who she is, but media personality Katie Hopkins has rightfully earned herself a place amongst Britain’s most hated celebrities. Known for her controversial and often offensive remarks, she has consistently sparked outrage and backlash from the public. Her insensitive comments on sensitive topics such as race, immigration, and mental health have caused immense displeasure among many. 

9. Andrew Tate

Perhaps the new kid on the block, but the former reality TV star and social media personality has quickly grown to become the subject of controversy and negative sentiment, making him a highly unpopular figure in the UK. He has faced backlash for his provocative and confrontational behavior on social media, often engaging in heated arguments and making misogynistic statements. Moreover, the fact that he was recently charged with rape, human trafficking and forming an organized group in Romania has further served to sully his public image.

10. Piers Morgan

It probably comes as no great surprise that prominent TV presenter and journalist Piers Morgan has earned himself a place on this list. Known for his controversial and often contentious interviewing style, he has faced backlash for his insensitive remarks on various topics, including mental health and gender issues. Additionally, his outspoken and polarizing views on Twitter have further fueled public discontent.

In short, Britain certainly has its fair share of unlikeable celebrity figures. The list is ever-changing from those that were once popular but let their celebrity get the better of them to those that have made a name for themselves by being controversial. It is, therefore, important that celebrities realize that it is a cruel world out there. Public opinion can change in an instant so while they can enjoy their moment in the spotlight, they should never let it get to their heads.


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