Q&A Feature Series: Álvaro Díaz Talks Music, Inspiration, and More

– Alvaro Diaz’s upcoming album “Sayonara” may have a different sound from his first album, but his authenticity and unique musical style remain the same.
– Alvaro Diaz draws inspiration from a variety of genres and artists, including salsa, soul, rock, and reggaeton, which have all influenced his music.
– Alvaro Diaz is known for his vulnerability and relatable lyrics, offering a different perspective in the urbano music space dominated by machismo.

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In the Q&A series Tell Me Más, we interview our favorite Latine artists and ask them personal questions that only their best friends would know. This month, we spoke with Álvaro Díaz, a Puerto Rican alternative reggaetón artist. Known by his family and fans as Alvarito, Díaz’s musical recipe has a secret ingredient – his authenticity. As he prepares to release his sophomore album, “Sayonara,” Díaz assures fans that while the sound may be different from his previous album, his authenticity will always shine through.

Díaz’s upbringing in San Juan greatly influenced his musical style. He was exposed to a variety of genres, from salsa artists like Hector Lavoe to soul artists like Sade. These diverse sounds, combined with his love for Blink 182, inspired him to pursue a career in music. Watching reggaetón gain global recognition, Díaz felt immense pride in representing Puerto Rico, similar to how their national soccer team does. He aspired to make it in the reggaetón industry like the artists who came before him. However, before fully diving into his music career, Díaz took a detour and attended college to earn a degree. This decision was influenced by Ruben Blades, a legendary salsero who also pursued higher education before pursuing music.

After graduating, Díaz took a break from law school to focus on music. He began dropping music and gained attention for his unique sound. While his college education was not wasted, as he still aspires to have his own creative agency one day, music remained his true passion. Currently, Díaz is working on his next album, “Sayonara,” and as a show of gratitude to his fans, he is releasing singles every Thursday leading up to the album release. Inspired by Kanye West’s “Good Fridays” during the release of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Díaz aims to give fans a weekly gift and create a sense of nostalgia.

One aspect that sets Díaz apart from other urbano artists is his vulnerability. He expresses his emotions and shares his personal experiences, which resonates with fans from all backgrounds. Growing up in a single mother household, Díaz raps about the struggles he faced and aims to be a voice for others who can relate. His mother is also an important figure in his music, as she has appeared on his songs and is a significant influence in his life.

Above all, Díaz’s driving force is love. He dreams of being an artist who can make listeners truly feel. While he continues to create music and work on his next album, Díaz is grateful for his first album, “Felicilandia,” which has paved the way for his career. He hopes it will inspire future generations.