Priyanka Chopra Shares Photos of Baby Malti’s First Visit to Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai on Instagram

– Priyanka Chopra shared photos of her and her daughter’s visit to the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai, India for baby Malti’s first trip to the country.
– Malti was born prematurely and spent over 100 days in the NICU, but she is now thriving, and Chopra is protective of her daughter.
– Chopra reflected on her daughter’s early days and the medical staff who helped care for her and expressed pain when people talk about her daughter negatively.

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Priyanka Chopra, the Indian actress and global icon, recently took her daughter Malti to the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai during their special mother-daughter trip to India. In her Instagram post, she shared a series of pictures from their visit to the temple, which included the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Chopra’s caption expressed her belief that Malti’s first trip to India had to be blessed by Lord Ganesha’s divine intervention.

Malti was born prematurely in January 2022 via surrogacy, and she spent over 100 days in the NICU before she was finally healthy enough to go home. Chopra was overcome with gratitude that they could finally spend their first Mother’s Day as a family. However, she also talked about the harrowing experience of those early days and how protective she has become of her daughter since then. As she had to keep Malti’s hand steady while the intensive-care nurses tried to find her veins, she developed a tough hide for the comments about her own life. But she still finds it painful when people talk about her daughter and is extremely guarded when it comes to her child.

Chopra grew up in a traditional Hindu household and has maintained her spiritual beliefs over the years. She has always talked about her faith and how it has been a significant influencing factor in her life. Her photographs at the Siddhivinayak temple showcased her deep-seated devotion to her religion, and her daughter’s blessings captured in the images were a testament to her assurance that her little girl would always be under divine protection.

Chopra’s bonding trip with her daughter Malti to her home country was an overwhelmingly emotional experience for her. It took her back to her roots, the culture that she had grown up with, and the family values that shaped her. Through it all, she remains committed to protecting her daughter and ensuring that she can have a positive start in life. As this family continues to grow and evolve, one can only hope that they will continue to share their special moments with their fans worldwide.