POPSUGAR Last Call Q&A with TikTok Star Anna Sitar: From her Rise to Fame to Her Last Self-Care Moment

1. TikTok star Anna Sitar found her niche in relatable content, including a series called “I don’t want it,” where she talks openly about her long-distance relationship.
2. Sitar’s love for video making led her to pursue a masters in film and TV production, and she attributes her success to finding a supportive community.
3. Sitar values positivity and authenticity in her content, and her recent activities include watching “Night Agent” on Netflix and surfing for fun.

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PopSugar’s Last Call has featured TikTok sensation Anna Sitar for an interview, where she talks about her first fan encounter, her community, and her relationship with Josh “Bru” Brubaker. Sitar recalls her first time being recognized by a fan while shopping at Target and the turning point that it brought, as she had never met anyone before in person. She also talks about the community that she found, which gave her the support and upliftment that she needed, especially during her low points.

Sitar mentions that she and Brubaker are on the same page as far as what they share with their followers, and she notes the importance of sharing her authentic self, as it can make people feel less alone. She also shares her love for exploring creative pursuits outside of her technical career. Additionally, Sitar talks about her latest interests, from “Night Agent” on Netflix to a song that she’s writing for her mother for Mother’s Day, as well as the last fun thing she did for herself, which was surfing.

In terms of self-care, Sitar recently did a hair mask and loves using Kerastase Genesis. She also talks about her love for reading, with “Malibu Rising” as her current book, and the last book she finished being “They Both Die at the End.” Finally, Sitar fondly talks about receiving a necklace with a little “J” as a gift for her birthday.

Overall, Sitar shares a candid and down-to-earth view on her life and interests, giving fans an insight into her world.