CelebritiesNewsPedro Pascal's Response to Sarah Michelle Gellar's Instagram Post

Pedro Pascal’s Response to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Instagram Post

  • Pedro Pascal appeared in a small supporting role in the beloved ’90s series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as a character named Edward who befriended Buffy on her first day of college.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Buffy, recently posted a photo on Instagram of herself and Pascal from his appearance, and Pascal expressed fond memories of working with her on set, including how she taught him to hit his mark using a sandbag.
  • Gellar responded to Pascal’s comments in an Instagram story, saying she could never forget him and adores him, and also shared his Entertainment Tonight interview about their time on “Buffy.”

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Pedro Pascal, known for his lead role in “The Mandalorian,” once made a brief appearance in the 1990s series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Playing the character Edward, Pascal befriended lead character Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) on her first day in college, though his character was quickly killed off. Recently, Gellar posted a photo on Instagram of herself and Pascal from his appearance on the show, captioned “When Mother met Father.”

During the premiere of “The Mandalorian” season three, a reporter showed Pascal Gellar’s post. Pascal responded ecstatically, stating that he remembers “absolutely everything” about his time on “Buffy.” He recounts how Gellar offered him ice cream during a night shoot, taught him how to use a sandbag to hit his mark, and how kind she was as a scene partner. In another interview with Access Hollywood, Pascal shared that he was excited to see Gellar’s post and even more thrilled to learn that she remembered him.

Gellar later responded to Pascal’s comments with an Instagram Story, writing, “As if I could ever forget you (Pascal). I adore you.” In addition to his role in “The Mandalorian,” Pascal is currently starring in HBO’s “The Last of Us,” while Gellar recently appeared in the series “Wolf Pack,” produced by Jeff Davis.

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