Peculiarities of Dating an Australian

Peculiarities of Dating an Australian
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Dating across borders is a new experience of its own. There are many positives to an international relationship. However, like every other relationship, an international relationship also comes with a whole new level of struggle of its own. But what’s a relationship if it doesn’t consist of hardships, at least for a bit? Working your way around the challenges is a good way of building and maintaining not only your love life but also your character.

If you’re dating an Australian, you’ll understand the struggles all too well. After all, no two English speakers are the same or share the same culture and values. Often times you’d see Americans and British people arguing about the cultural shocks and differences between their cultures, so look-alike and so different at the same time. However, no one truly highlights how different dating an Australian can be or how you can find one to date in the first place. But worry not mate, we’ve got you covered.

Australia Consists of Three Main Parts

Most people are unaware that Australia is both a country and a continent. On the Australian continent, you’ll find mainland Australia and Tasmania, as well as the island of New Guinea. When using online dating services, this lack of information often leads to confusion. Therefore, we’ll help you grasp the differences so that you can date with ease.

Mainland Australia is our topic of interest when discussing the peculiarities of dating an Aussie. Australasia is the world’s sixth-biggest nation and Oceania’s largest country. Knowing this fact, you’d considering finding a date easier in Austria than in smaller nations. However, that’s not true.

Many individuals from Tasmania (otherwise also known as Tas for short) struggle to find a date. Even in its capital, Hobart, you’ll find many individuals looking for reviews of the best services offering Hobart hookups in their area. It is in such scenarios that a dating app or website can become a handy tool.

Now that you’re somewhat knowledgeable about Australia let’s dive into what life is like when you find an Aussie for a romance on any dating apps you opt to use. Note that no two Australians are the same, and what may apply to your relationship might not apply to others. But we can all agree some general stereotypes can be debunked.

They Don’t Have Kangaroos as Pets

This joke is as old as Australia can get, and the chances are you’d have said this to an Australian friend of yours as well. The media loves portraying each ethnicity. They chose Kangaroos and Koalas as the target to picture Australians.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but your knight in shining armour from Australia you’ve found on a dating site isn’t going to have a pet kangaroo just chilling on their porch waiting for you to come. And no, they do not end up having a WWE showdown every weekend. As funny as it may sound, kangaroos can become hostile and ideally do not make for a great pet.

Australians Are More Easy-going About Swearwords

Swearing might be a huge turn-off for some, but it’s a way of expressing emotions for many. Gordon Ramsey can’t even finish a sentence without swearing at least onсe. And frankly, we are all for it. So, if you are someone who loves expressing themselves loudly and sometimes obscenely, then having an Australian partner is a great addition to your love life.

Aussies are very easy-going when it comes to swearing; it’s as normal as saying “I’m happy,” so much so that even linguistic experts can’t seem to get enough of it, so be prepared to be shocked if you’re easily swayed off your feet when someone uses strong language even when trying to charm their mate online. When it comes to swearing, Roly Sussex, a professor at the University of Queensland who specializes in applied language studies, says Australia is on the far-right end of the spectrum. In contrast, the United States is somewhere on the other end.

During the previous five decades, the Australian public’s perception of what is vulgar and what isn’t has changed drastically. Hence the lenient attitude towards using swearwords in everyday living is considered a normal act.

Be Ready to Some Language Barrier

On the whole, most Australians are very proud of their multi-culturalism. As a matter of fact, according to a 2016 survey, more than six million Australians are were born abroad. And around 4% of Australians aren’t fluent English speakers.

Those that do speak English use words that other English speakers around the world might not recognize. As simple as it may seem, communicating with people from Australia is one of the most effective strategies to break through the language barrier on online dating sites. This can help pick up vocabulary that is different from yours. For example, just like British people, Australians might say centre, whereas Americans say center. There are more examples exclusive to the continent, like Australians saying aggro instead of aggressive, prawns instead of shrimp, etc.

Aussies Are Real Sport Fans

The phrase “sports-mad” has become a bit of a cliché when referring to a country. But it fits Australians all too well. Australia isn’t only a sports fanatic; it gauges its status in the world by having one of the best players, especially in cricket. Hence it comes as no surprise that most Australians are madly in love with sports. In fact, many people believe it to be one of their favorite pastimes or a wonderful way to escape their busy routines, so be prepped to visit some matches when you come to the land down under to meet your Australian partner you found online. And we warn you, when there’s no quarantine around, they go to these matches really often.

So, did these peculiarities pique your interest in finding an Australian partner online, or did you find these facts repulsive? There’s no right or wrong answer because, after all, everyone has a preference when it comes to ‘the one.’