Paul Mescal’s Siblings: Meet Nell and Donnacha Mescal

– Paul Mescal was nominated for an Academy Award in 2023 for his role in “Aftersun,” and his siblings Nell and Donnacha were by his side to celebrate.
– Nell Mescal is a singer signed to LAB Records and has received support from Paul in her music career.
– Donnacha Mescal is a recruiter for engineers living in New York City and is also supportive of Paul’s career.

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Irish actor Paul Mescal became a household name in 2020 with his breakout role in “Normal People”. However, it turns out that his siblings, Nell and Donnacha, have always been his biggest fans. In 2023, the whole family celebrated Paul’s Academy Award nomination for his starring role in “Aftersun”, with Nell going viral for a tweet showing their reactions to the news. Nell is a singer who has released several singles and is signed to an independent label. Donnacha, on the other hand, works as a recruiter for engineers in New York City.

In an interview with the New York Times, Nell reflected on her viral moment and how surreal it was to suddenly have so many followers. While she’s okay with people following her because of her connection to her older brother, she hopes that they’ll stay because they like her music and not just because they’re curious about Paul. Nell is also into astrology, and her Twitter bio lists her as a Taurus sun, Aries moon, and Leo rising.

Donnacha is the most private of the three siblings and does not have many public-facing social media accounts. However, he has been spotted on Nell’s Instagram from time to time. When Paul was nominated for an Emmy in 2020, Donnacha revealed that the whole family was nervous on the nomination day but elated when Paul got the news. Paul also mentioned that Donnacha would send him funny tweets, such as when photos of Paul in short-shorts went viral.

Throughout award season, Nell took to Instagram to share photos of her family at events, showing their unwavering support for Paul. She also revealed that Paul has been a huge support to her music career, providing feedback on her songwriting ideas, and being a positive influence. It’s heartwarming to see that despite their sibling’s movie star status, the Mescal family remains close-knit and supportive of each other’s endeavors.