Patrick Mahomes Found the Perfect Teammate in Wife Brittany: How He Scored

Weeks after Patrick was picked 10th in the 2017 NFL draft, he cut his college career short. Around the same time, Brittany inked her own deal with Iceland’s UMF Afturelding/Fram. “I couldn’t resist such an incredible opportunity to do what I love,” she said. Local station KLTV even dubbed the then-21-year-olds “the power couple of East Texas.”

A year later, they had navigated over 3,000 miles of long-distance relationship. Brittany had won a championship, and Patrick had secured his spot as the Chiefs’ starting QB. They chose to settle down in western Missouri.

Brittany then joined Patrick in his Kansas City home. She put her kinesiology degree to good use and started an at-home workout brand, Brittany Lynne Fitness. She explained her shift away from professional sports on her website.

“By the end of my first season, I started loving the gym more than the soccer field,” she admitted. Her lifelong involvement in sports sparked her interest in fitness. Her college experience taught her about strength training, wellness, and maintaining peak fitness to perform at an elite level.