Patrick Bruel, the Best Ambassador of Poker in France!

Patrick Bruel, the Best Ambassador of Poker in France!

Comedian, actor, singer, and even professional poker player, Patrick Bruel has already participated in many championships. He obtained honourable results, approaching the title of world champion of Poker in 1998 and going until reaching 4th place in the World Poker Tour in Los Angeles in 2014. Real Passion inherited from his family; his total live tournament earnings have been over $ 1.5 million. He says he deeply enjoy playing in casinos of the special atmosphere there. He also enjoys playing online between concerts on reliable and secure sites such as New Jersey casinos, One of the United States forefront leaders in online casinos and the online gambling market. They offer some of the best online casinos in the U.S. A look back at the singer’s gambling career!

A Happy Childhood That Paved His Way to The World of Cards!

At the age of 3, Patrick Bruel left Algeria, where he was born, in Tlemcen, to follow his mother to France. He headed for the Parisian suburbs in Argenteuil until he was 9 years old before settling in the capital. In Paris, he attended school, which inspired him the song “Place des Grands Hommes” at the end of the 80s. Anxious to preserve him and bring him a normal childhood, Patrick Bruel’s mother found comfort in Niort, with a man of the upper-middle class from the Deux-Sèvres department. He arrived there in the early 1970s and kept quite a memory of it. Above all, he developed a very tender and profound relationship with the grandfather of those who have since become his brothers, David and Fabrice. It was his grandfather who introduced him to horses, wine, and maps! We understand better how Patrick Bruel became an ace in poker.

Patrick Bruel’s Great Legitimacy as An Ambassador of Poker in France

On the poker circuit for many years, Patrick Bruel has therefore succeeded in making a name for himself by winning in 1998 a bracelet synonymous with victory at the World Poker Championships in Las Vegas. If Patrick Bruel is known in music and cinema, he is also very well known in poker today. Moreover, the singer was the third French to win one of the famous bracelets of the poker world championship in 1998. An experience that was enriching for Patrick Bruel. He said: “It is certain that winning a title of world champion in such a coveted discipline, it is noticeable, and it has inevitably had an influence. It allowed me to have legitimacy as an ambassador. At that time, a television station asked me to present poker shows to explain competitive poker to people who might have the image of an underground game riddled with vice. Players who will face each other and who by elimination will go from 2200 to 9, and from 9 to two who will then compete to see who the winner of this day will be.”

What Are the Singer’s Estimated Earnings?

Participating in these tournaments also allows you to win substantial gains. For example, Patrick Bruel has won over $ 1.5 million of his total playing career. The famous French magazine “Capital” wanted to know how much French stars were winning in poker. Thus, according to the ranking published by GPI (Global Poker Index) and Henson Poker Database established from January 2009 to the end of July 2014, rapper Kool Shen came out on top, while Patrick Bruel came in second with a total of 450 000 euros in earnings in 5 years. A nice sum!

The Singer’s Passion for Poker Goes Beyond Just Playing the Game

Patrick Bruel is a man who invested a lot in developing poker in France at a time when it was clearly unusual to see people playing poker. In 2004, he co-produced and presented this poker show called “World Poker Tour”. This is a show where he comments on the final tables of the World Poker Tour, one of the biggest tournaments in the world.