Paris Hilton Surprises Mom Kathy with Grandson for Belated Christmas Present

– Paris Hilton surprised her mother with her newborn baby, whom she had via surrogate, as a belated Christmas gift.
– Paris explained that she kept her pregnancy a secret to maintain privacy, which is something she hasn’t had much of in her public life.
– She gave her mother a blue Chanel bag before revealing her son, hoping to soften the blow for not giving her mother prior notice of the birth.

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Paris Hilton is known for her extravagant gifts and surprises, but her latest gift to her mother took things to a whole new level. In a recent interview, Kathy Hilton shared that she had no idea her daughter was expecting a baby until Paris placed her newborn son, Phoenix, in her arms. The surprise came months after they missed their Christmas celebration due to Paris working abroad.

During the interview, Kathy expressed her shock and delight at meeting her grandchild for the first time. Paris had kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone, including her family, as she wanted to keep an important part of her life private. She explained that her life has been public for too long, and she wanted her son to come into the world without any media attention.

To make up for not telling her mother about Phoenix’s arrival, Paris came up with a plan to soften the blow. She first gave her mother a blue Chanel bag before revealing her grandson. Kathy was in tears when she saw the baby, calling him the most beautiful baby she had ever seen.

Since then, Kathy has been spending time with her grandchild and gushing about him to the media. She revealed that he is growing rapidly and getting heavier every day. The family seems to be over the initial shock and enjoying this new addition to their family.

Paris Hilton’s surprise gift to her mother received a lot of attention from the media and her fans. It shows how thoughtful and creative she can be, even when it comes to belated Christmas presents. The interview also gave us a glimpse into Paris’s new life as a mother and how she is trying to keep things private for her son. Fans will undoubtedly be waiting for more updates on baby Phoenix and how he is doing.