Orlando Bloom Reveals Katy Perry’s Support for His Wildest Dreams

Orlando asked, “Do you want to jump out of the plane?” She replied, “No, no way.” She’s a calculated risk-taker, something Orlando admires. He could learn a thing or two from her. She’s a lover of life, but not so much a fan of scaring herself silly.

Just like Katy, Orlando’s 13-year-old son Flynn isn’t too keen on his dad’s daredevil antics. Flynn, who Orlando shares with his ex Miranda Kerr, isn’t looking to follow in his father’s adventurous footsteps. “My son came out to the jump site on the wingsuit episode,” Orlando shared. Flynn’s reaction? “Dad, you’re crazy. No way.”

But his daughter Daisy, she might just be a chip off the old block. “Daisy is only 3 1/2, but I see a little of the screw loose qualities,” Orlando chuckled. He recalls her climbing stairs, thinking, “Wow, she’s preparing for something.” It seems like as soon as she could walk, she was ready to climb.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Orlando pushing his limits, check out Orlando Bloom: To The Edge. It’s currently streaming on Peacock. And that’s the scoop from Emily Curl.

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Mia Scott
Mia Scott
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