Olivia Culpo Shares Non-Negotiable Aspect for Christian McCaffrey Wedding

Olivia Culpo, the star of the Culpo Sisters, is getting ready to say her vows. She’s all set to marry her fiancé, Christian McCaffrey. She’s got a few must-haves for her big day, and she’s not shy about sharing them.

“Obviously my groom,” she quipped in a recent exclusive interview with E! News. The NFL player, who she got engaged to this past April, is a must. “He definitely has to be there,” she added.

She laughed as she declared, “He’s a non-negotiable.” Her list of essentials also includes family and great weather. But then she reconsidered. “Actually, you know what? I’m going to leave the weather part out because whatever happens, happens.”

Rain or shine, Olivia is ready to celebrate. She’s got a soft spot for champagne. “I love champagne, so I need to have a good champagne,” she said. And she’s a fan of tequila too.

Great food, great friends, and good energy are also on her list. She’s all about having fun. “Just fun times,” she said.

But Olivia and Christian aren’t just about to become husband and wife. They’re also about to become business partners. The 31-year-old Olivia and 27-year-old Christian have teamed up with BODYARMOR. They’re part of the sports drink brand’s “Zero to Hide” campaign.