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How many times has someone encouraged you to go online to find a romantic partner? And how many times have you tried and failed? 

For most people, finding the right dating partner online comes down to finding the right site first. And people think the same when they first thought about using

First began working several years ago, the site has come a long way now and serves as a reliable platform for people of all sexual orientations.

But, the question is, “Should you really trust Nu-date? Is it well worth the effort? And is it really affordable, offering a good value for your money?” Let’s find out now!

The First Impression

When you land on this site, you know you are on a legit platform.  The fact that there is no sexually explicit content to welcome you on the homepage is a relief.

What you also realize is that Nu-Date is much more than your conventional dating platform. It is in fact a part of a quintessence of previous extensive experiences gained by the website creators who researched and implemented the best features required by modern users.  

The Ease of Finding Potential Matches

Thanks to the availability of advanced search filters, you are never too far from your next soul mate. You can run your search based on age, gender, photo availability and online users, but you can shortlist the best candidates based on their unique interests.

Ever wondered if it would ever be possible to meet someone who is not a smoker? Nu Date can help you find that special someone. Not only this, you can also use the platform to find mature partners over 50 if mature dating is your thing. But it is just as effective when looking for a younger partner. 

So, whether you are looking for your Jenasha Roy, Aimee Song, or another celebrity of your dream, you may be going to find the next best thing on Nu-Date. 

Finding Love Beyond Borders

Yet another interesting feature that makes Nu-Date a great dating platform is about finding someone in a particular region. You can use those features as a compass to find likeminded people in areas far from you.

And to ensure those long-distance partnerships start on the right note, the site provides you with an option to create profile videos. You can check those and decide whether you want to pursue a relationship or not. 

The Ease of Having a Conversation

When you are still in some doubt and trying to figure out if you have found the right person, comes into the picture by facilitating better communication. How do you achieve that? Well, primarily through live chat and instant messaging!

You can exchange messages in real-time or engage in a video chat to confirm you have met the right person. Being able to join a chat room is also an exciting way to interact with likeminded people. Nu Date does a pretty good job on all these fronts.

Privacy at Its Best

It is natural to choose a dating site considering how many features it offers, but hang on… that’s not the right way to do it. A dating site is not worth your money if it is not secure. It seems people at Nu-Date are aware of this fact.

The site uses SSL encryption to keep your data safe. But, it also provides you with the option to block someone who seems suspicious. Moreover, not everyone can view your profile, unless they have upgraded their account with a premium membership. So, your privacy and security are always guaranteed. 

The Affordability Factor

Something that might not sit well with everyone is that Nu Date works on a coin system. You will be able to buy coins and use them when trying premium features. 

For starters, you pay $14.99 and get 4,000 coins. But, if you go with this plan, you end up getting a bonus of 2,000 coins, which makes it a much more affordable option as compare to other dating platforms. 

The Real Drawbacks to Consider

Nu-Date looks great on paper, but just like any other dating platform, there are some holes they need to plug in for an improved service experience. 

The biggest concern people have is about the unavailability of any dedicated mobile app. You can access the site through your mobile browsers, but it is nothing like using a dedicated app with push notifications and all that bells and whistles. 

What’s more, many users have shown concerns about the absence of any two-factor authentication and other digital security measures. While they still take privacy seriously, it would have been much better to have new security solutions in place. 


Overall, has so much going in its favor that it is hard to ignore it. With its long history, varied search features, and improved security, you can rank it among the very best dating platforms out there. Yes, it needs some work in some places, but those issues are never a deal-breaker. So, whether you are looking for a long-term partner, a quick fling, or just a friend, may be your reliable beacon in the ever-shifting landscape of online dating.


Richard Owens
Richard Owens
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