Nikki and Brie Garcia Take Charge of Their Careers and Identity, Retire Bella Surname, and Launch New Projects

– Nikki and Brie Garcia, formerly known as The Bella Twins in WWE, have officially retired from wrestling and changed their last name to Garcia.
– The sisters wanted to prioritize their families and take control of their careers, including expanding their Bonita Bonita wine brand and pursuing hosting and acting opportunities.
– They are also gearing up for the premiere of their new dating competition series, “Twin Love,” and focusing on empowering women through their work.

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Nikki and Brie Garcia, formerly known as WWE superstars The Bella Twins, have announced their retirement from wrestling and are changing their names to return to their legal maiden last names of Garcia. The sisters wanted to take control of their lives and embrace their true identities. For Nikki, this means being a Garcia, which represents her Mexican side and allows her to use her voice and be her own boss. Brie added that the decision to retire was about women empowerment and walking the talk.

Nikki and Brie admit they were concerned about their loyal Bella Army fans but ultimately hope their transition encourages them to take a leap of faith. The Garcia Twins are also expanding their Bonita Bonita wine brand and are building a tasting room in Napa Valley. Additionally, they are working on their podcast “The Nikki & Brie Show” and are gearing up to premiere a new dating competition series called “Twin Love” on Amazon Prime. Nikki is also resuming her hosting duties for season two of “Barmageddon.”

The sisters are also focused on philanthropy, with Brie wanting to do more activist work with Greenpeace and Nikki continuing to empower women. As mothers, they are more intentional in their decisions and want to live without regrets. Nikki believes the journey is “about getting my power back and my strength and being unapologetically me, through and through.” Brie wants to do it all and be the master of her own life.