Nick Cannon Talks Parenting His 12 Kids, Including His Approach to Their Future Careers and Mariah Carey’s Thoughts on His Large Brood. Learn More About Cannon’s Growing Family.

– Nick Cannon encourages his children to pursue activities outside of the entertainment industry in order to learn perseverance and effort. He particularly enjoys watching his kids try sports because success in that space is solely dependent on how much work is put in.
– Mariah Carey, the mother of Cannon’s two oldest children, has a “high frequency” viewpoint on his large brood and emphasizes the importance of being on the same page to combat any false rumors or negative messages regarding their family.
– Cannon is a father of 12 and has had five additional children in 2022 alone. He has children with different mothers and ensures that they are all well taken care of, spending more money than what is required by law for child support.

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Nick Cannon is a proud father of 12 children and a popular TV personality, and he wants to make sure his children do not receive special treatment due to their nepotism. He acknowledged in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on May 23 that he would not prevent any of his children from pursuing a career in entertainment, but he also recognizes that it would be convenient for them due to their connections. He encourages his children to venture outside of their comfort zones and pursue challenging activities such as sports to learn about perseverance and the importance of hard work.

Cannon said he loves watching his children participate in sports because it is a level playing field where their hard work and dedication dictate their success. He admits the prospect of keeping track of all of his kids’ games would be challenging, but he hopes to one day cheer from the sidelines and encourage them as they pursue their passions, be it accounting, equestrianism, or any other avenue.

Cannon’s relationship with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, is amicable, and she is supportive. In an episode of The Jason Lee Podcast, Cannon shared that Carey checks in to see how he is coping with his hectic life, but she has some limits. Carey’s house is her sanctuary, and she requested that Cannon does not bring any drama into her home. Cannon’s two oldest children, Moroccan and Monroe, share the same sentiment as their mother and seem content with their large family, but Cannon remains aware of how their dynamic may change in the future.

Cannon is open about his pride in his children’s intelligence and values, and he admits that he is not a perfect father. He strives to have meaningful conversations with his children, acknowledging that their lives are far from normal. Cannon takes immense joy in spending time with all of his children and brings them along with him wherever he goes.

In 2022, Cannon experienced a personal baby boom, welcoming five new children into the world, making him a father of 12 children. Cannon has made sure to reassure his children’s mothers, Abby De La Rosa, Bre Tiesi, LaNisha Cole, Brittany Bell, and Alyssa Scott, that they can share their news at their discretion. Cannon spends much of his earnings on his children, and his expenditures exceed the child support he is legally obligated to pay.

Overall, Nick Cannon is a proud father who encourages his children to pursue their passions and values hard work and perseverance. His relationship with his ex-wife is supportive and respectful, and he cherishes the time he spends with all of his children, regardless of their career paths or hobbies.