Nick Cannon Discusses Potential Future with Mariah Carey

So, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, huh? Could they be a thing again? It’s been eight years since their divorce, but who knows? Maybe there’s still a spark.

Mariah recently split from her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it seems like Nick, who’s 43, is open to the idea of rekindling their romance.

When asked about the possibility by E! News’ Justin Sylvester, Nick had a playful response. “I mean, you gotta ask her!” he said. “Let me know what she says!”

Justin mentioned he’d be chatting with the “Endless Love” singer soon. Nick, the star of Nick Cannon’s Big Drive, was quick to respond. “Ask her, text me, we can talk through you. It’s Valentine’s in the air, you can be the chocolate cupid. Let’s do it, I’m with it.”

Oh, and don’t forget to tune into E! News on Feb. 8 for more with Nick.

In December, Bryan announced his split from Mariah. He shared a heartfelt statement on Instagram. “Dear friends and fans,” he began. “With mixed emotions, I share this personal update regarding my amicable separation from Mariah Carey after seven extraordinary years together.”

He continued, “Our decision to embark on different paths is mutual, and as we navigate these separate journeys, we do so with profound respect and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the invaluable time we’ve shared.”