Natural Differences Between Men And Women

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If you want to dive into the world of sexual differences between males and females, American writer and relationship counselor John Gray has something interesting for you: it’s his book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Published by Harper Collins in 1992, Gray’s work has already ranked as one of the best non-fiction books of the 1990s. Only to get a clue about the success of Gray’s work, consider that his book has sold over 15 million copies as of 2018 and was on the bestseller list for 121 weeks.

Types Of Relationships Between Men And WomenMen are from Mars, Women are from venus

The leading topic of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is the natural differences between the two sexes. We all know that men and women are very different, but Gray wants to highlight the psychological mechanisms that make the two sexes so different. His book’s title suggests that men and women appear so different from one another as coming from different planets: Mars is associated with physical strength, fighting, challenge, competition, and war. On the opposite, Venus is associated with beauty, graciousness, physical appeal, caring, and love.

According to Gray’s vision of the two sexes, men and women appear acclimated to their specific planet’s customs, so they could never behave differently, as Gray explains through several examples and metaphors. One explicatory image that you can find in “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is that men are more likely to find a tangible solution to problems, while women seem to need a dialogic solution through conversation. Also, it emerges that women often don’t focus on finding a solution as they need to talk about the problem to understand it better.

Male & Female: How Their Differences Shape the Games Market

We can observe this gap between men and women in many aspects of everyday life. Even when playing a game, men and women still show a very different attitude and problem-solving mechanism to win. Have you ever seen how men and women play casino games, for example? According to Kazem Masalma, editor of A7labet and author of research about Men vs. Women in Online Casinos across Arabic countries, men and women naturally tend to choose completely different games: that reveals their psychological difference and approach to gambling.

men and women gamblersA group of university students researched men’s and women’s behavior with casino games. The study’s results are stunning: men choose gambling games that imply finding a strategy to dominate the other opponents like poker, baccarat, and roulette. Also, men love being on a live table and, when they play remotely through the internet, they tend to choose live dealer games. The research reveals that men tend to look for direct interaction with the dealer, which is fundamental to engage in a lively game relationship.

Women show to have a completely different attitude to gambling. The games that women gamblers choose more often reveal their different perspective: when a woman looks for a game, she consider socialization as feature number one: she looks for live chat tools or other social interaction with the other players. Their most-chosen games are bingo, lottery, slot machines, and every other game that gives the players space for comparing, talking, sharing opinions.

How Men And Women See Love Relationshipslove between men and women

Gray’s work goes further in analyzing men’s and women’s attitudes in their everyday life. Love relationships play a significant role in everyone’s life, but the way men and women see the complex pattern of love relationships is completely different, though. Both men and women carefully tally up every action to express their sentiment of love and caring, but they have different purposes and approaches.

Both men and women use a “point-based” system to determine if a potential partner is aware of it. Each action of their partner is associated with a point. But while women don’t seem to consider the quality and size of the action (they attribute one point to it anyway), men seem to estimate the magnitude of their partner’s actions: a small expenditure earns fewer points than a big act of love.

Gray explains this difference in men’s and women’s “point-based” systems through the different ways they feel their sentiments. Women are emotionally more lively and dynamic than men. That explains why women attribute the same value points to an act of love, regardless of the magnitude: what women look for is an emotional stroke. On the contrary, men tend to think rationally, so they treat love expenditures the same way as mathematical operations: the more they love a woman, the bigger acts they want to do for her.

What The Readers Say About Gray’s Book

Gray’s work has soon become a popular vademecum for relationship issues between men and women. His explanations about sex differences help the readers see why the other sex behaves differently. Also, Gray’s book contributed to expanding awareness about the sexual discrimination that many women still experience, especially in the workplace. More knowledge about why men and women differ should help get to respect and equality in all fields of life.

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” has inspired several weekend seminars, commercials, TV sitcoms, and even theme vacations.