Most Unexpected Celebrity Love Stories In 2021

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

Probably, some of the latest celebrity couples are the least you’d expect to find out on a regular day close to the end of this year 2021. However, it happens despite the attempt to get people isolated all through recent times. On the contrary, it seems that 2020 and 2021 brought a wind of significant changes in many celebrity couples, so while someone got through a rise, others experienced a fall. Consequently, there’s plenty of romance to talk about, from star Justin Hartley dating actress Sofia Pernas to Ariana Grande getting together with Dalton Gomez.

The Biggest Divorce Of The Last DecadeDenise Richards and former husband Charlie Sheen

Not all couples seem to enjoy life together forever, especially in the world of TV and cinema stars. Do you need an example? Only take American actress Denise Richards’ divorce from Charlie Sheen: her 4-year marriage story got toxic when she realized that her husband had a worrying gambling addiction. Hollywood stars’ love stories usually generate a big echo all across the world. Arab author Samir Ismail of¬†wrote about Richards and Sheen and why she decided to file for divorce in his article “The most amazing stories of Hollywood celebrities in casinos”. Yeah, you got the idea. Charlie Sheen’s passion for gambling rapidly became something more over time. But the peak happened on the day Denise needed to reach the hospital for their baby’s birth. As Denise said after divorcing, Charlie didn’t stop betting on online casino games even on the way to the hospital. What’s more, he wasn’t even aware he was overcoming all limits, so Denise had to make a tough and heart-wrenching decision for the whole family. The gambling problem is one of the most common reasons for couples to end up in a divorce; therefore, it’s important to deal with this topic on a casino site visited by millions of gamblers every day. Casino El Arab puts much effort into spreading awareness and responsibility among worldwide online Arab gamblers.

After a decade from the moment 48-year-old Richards decided to put an end to her marriage with Sheen,¬†Richards feels guilty¬†for what the divorce meant in her daughters’ Sam and Lola life (Richards also adopted a daughter, Eloise). Children are those who suffer more for a family breakup, but Richards’ daughters can now count on their mom’s actual husband Aaron Phypers’ love and caring.

Ezra Daniel and girlfriendDaniel Ezra: Still Enjoying Life Without A Love Partner

For every couple going through a separation, there’s always someone experiencing life at its best on their own. It’s what British TV actor Daniel Ezra¬†is doing with his life at the moment. The 28-year-old star, who became popular by casting in the football drama series All American, definitely kicked off his past relationships and dating story from the day he started enjoying life on his own. Sentimental independence can make life appear different and worth living, too.

Although Daniel Ezra is still officially single, we shouldn’t exclude the eventuality to see him dating someone new any time now. He’s young, free of engagement, and an enthusiast about living life as it comes. For those who want to dive a little more into Ezra’s past love life, we can highlight that he had a few relationships and hookups, but rumors are pretty diversified about his dating story, so it’s hard to keep track of his past girlfriends except of Daniel ezra girlfriend Samantha Logan. We only have to stay tuned to find more in the next weeks!

What Is New about Cecily Strong Boyfriend?Cecily Strong

While some people say goodbye after a bad marriage experience and while someone else is embracing life as a single, there are also celebrities who start forming a new couple together. American actress and comedian Cecily Strong spent some time in a relationship with her colleague Mike O’Brien in 2014. They worked on Saturday Night Live by that time and started dating each other. However, Cecily thought her relationship wasn’t appropriate at all because she and Mike shared most of their working and private living space. As a result, neither Cecily nor Mike told a word about their break-up for a while.

The news of the end of Cecily and Mike’s relationship came out only in 2016, and it was over a year they didn’t date anymore. Cecily revealed in an interview that she was having an Italian love affair (she was staying in Rome) with a guy she met in Seville, Spain. Once again, Cecily made things hard for everyone who wanted to know her boyfriend’s name. But in another interview, she added that she doesn’t want to rush into anything.

The next dramatic turn of events in Cecily Strong’s life happened when¬†news of her pregnancy¬†began to spread over. What happened? The answer is simpler than you may expect: a fan mistook a little weight gain of Cecily for her being pregnant!