Most Popular Dating Apps and Websites among Celebrities

Most Popular Dating Apps and Websites among Celebrities
Photo by Felipe Callado / Unsplash

The dating world is quite interesting for all of us; however, did you know that even celebrities turn to dating apps in an attempt to find love? It may seem improbable, but even celebrities use dating apps. Which apps are you likely to find your favorite celebrity on? There are several that are quite popular. Let’s take a look at some of the most favored options.

Celebs Love Raya for Its Exclusivity

When looking at websites and dating apps loved by celebrities, one tends to stand out above others, and it is likely one you haven’t heard of: Raya. This dating app is favored by many celebs for its exclusivity as it caters specifically towards people in the creative industries.

It is also a bit difficult to get onto Raya as they have an extensive screening process, ensuring that the people on the app are well-established in the industry. This probably means that you and I won’t be on Raya anytime soon; however, it is fun to think of what the app may be like for those with access.

Which celebrities have used Raya in the past? There are many that can be found on the app. Famous faces like Channing Tatum, Demi Lovato, Kiernan Shipka, and Olivia Rodrigo have all admitted to using the app to try to find love. Everyone’s favorite dragon tamer, Emilia Clarke, also used Raya during the lockdown. – Another Option for Celebs Wanting Love

While many celebs have turned to exclusive sites like Raya, others prefer to join up with us commoners in order to meet anyone and everyone. While there are many sites out there that celebrities can join, is one that definitely meets the needs of celebs. reviews often highlight many positive aspects of the site such as the large population of women users, the account verification procedures, and the tips and icebreakers aimed at helping people connect. With many celebs like Brad Pitt, Simone Biles, Katy Perry, and Joe Jonas having admitted to using dating sites in the past, who knows who you may find on

With many dating apps and websites that are cumbersome to use, one of the things that may be drawing your favorite celebrity to is the fact that the website is truly optimized for mobile, making it a user friendly experience on the go. It provides users with the many ways to search for love including the Like Gallery, a one-at-a-time view that will even show paid members the profiles of those who have liked them.

The ability to add a custom video to your profile is another great way to truly get your personality across to a future partner. Plus, videos are a great way to show that you are for real and not a catfish. With an easy sign up process and lots of positive reviews, it is not surprising that it is a site truly loved by one and all.

You Can Even Find Celebs on Bumble and Tinder

Mainstays of the dating app world, Bumble and Tinder, have seen their share of celebs over time as well. Comedian Chelsea Handler is one person who has been quite open about her use of both of the apps. In fact, many comedians such as Nikki Glaser have discussed their experiences using these apps.

However, you will find that celebs from many more areas have used these apps. Olympian Ryan Lochte has admitted that he met current girlfriend model Kayla Reid on Tinder way back in 2016. Meanwhile, Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox has admitted that she is a “Tinder girl.” While Hillary Duff is no longer on the market, she also was a fan of Tinder, featuring several of her matches in a music video for the song “Sparks.”

However, perhaps the most interesting celeb story to come from these apps is that of movie icon Sharon Stone. Stone joined the app Bumble only to be deleted off the platform by admins. Apparently, Bumble received many reports of a fake account pretending to be the actress. She ultimately went to Twitter to message Bumble directly about the issue, asking “Don’t shut me out of the hive.”

Where Can You Find Celebs Online?

As you can see, celebrities can be found across many different dating apps. While Raya seems to be the most popular choice, there are many celebrities who have tried other sites like Tinder, Bumble,, and practically any other major dating app.

Regardless of your dating app du jour, you just may find yourself running into a very familiar face. Check out the variety of dating apps out there. Whether you become another positive review, prefer to swipe on Tinder, or score that lucrative approval for Raya, there is no telling who you’ll meet.