Mindy Kaling Shares Heartfelt Message on Instagram for “Never Have I Ever” Season Four Premiere

– Mindy Kaling expressed her love for the cast and crew of “Never Have I Ever” on the day of the season four premiere, which she couldn’t attend due to the WGA strike.
– Kaling and her co-creator Loulie Lang created the show to tell a personal story about an Indian girl navigating high school and grief, and they are thankful for the outpouring of love from fans.
– Despite missing out on milestones due to the strike, Kaling is willing to sacrifice to be treated fairly and hopes the strike ends soon.

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Mindy Kaling took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message on the day of the season four premiere of “Never Have I Ever” in Los Angeles. In her post, she expressed her love and appreciation for the show’s cast and crew, as well as the fans who have supported it. Kaling and her co-creator, Lang Fisher, were unable to attend the premiere due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, but Kaling wanted to make sure the cast and crew knew how much they were loved.

“Never Have I Ever” follows the story of an Indian girl navigating high school while dealing with the loss of her father. When Kaling and Fisher created the show, they wanted to make something personal that they themselves would enjoy watching. The show has received an outpouring of love from fans worldwide, which Kaling calls the highlight of her career.

In her Instagram post, Kaling also touched on the importance of the ongoing WGA strike and the sacrifices that writers are making for fair treatment. Despite the frustration of missing out on meaningful milestones, Kaling remains grateful for the opportunity to work in Hollywood.

To conclude her message, Kaling expressed her love for the “Never Have I Ever” cast and crew and encouraged fans to enjoy the new season. She credits the show’s success to the fans who have supported it and says she has never loved a creative experience more than this.

The heartfelt message from Kaling is a testament to the power and impact of storytelling and the importance of fighting for fair treatment in the entertainment industry. “Never Have I Ever” has touched the hearts of viewers worldwide and will continue to be a source of inspiration and entertainment for years to come.