Michelle Obama Shares Relationship Insights, Including Different Love Languages, in New Podcast Excerpt with Oprah Winfrey

1. Michelle Obama discussed her marriage to former President Barack Obama in an excerpt of her podcast with Oprah Winfrey, revealing that they have different ways of showing love and that their relationship requires effort and dedication.

2. Despite their well-documented affection for each other, Michelle said that love is more about “showing up” and acts of service for her, while Barack had to learn to love at a distance due to his family being far away and traveling a lot.

3. The excerpt’s release coincided with the premiere of a documentary about Michelle’s experiences writing and promoting her second memoir, which features another extensive conversation between her and Winfrey.

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Michelle Obama Reveals Insight into Marriage with Barack Obama in Latest Podcast Excerpt

Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently sat down with special guest Oprah Winfrey for an excerpt of her podcast, “Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast,” in which she opened up about her 30-plus-year marriage to former President Barack Obama. Michelle admitted that she is more “hot-headed” than her husband and prefers to deal with her anger before discussing things rationally, whereas Barack is more inclined toward logic and reasoning. She also shared that the way they show love to each other differs, with Barack using words and Michelle preferring acts of service.

Michelle emphasized that building a life with someone takes effort and dedication and that more people need to be honest about the work that goes into it. Additionally, she explained that having grown up with a close-knit family, she never felt the need to express love verbally as much, instead focusing on being present and helping out with household chores.

The excerpt comes ahead of the release of “The Light We Carry,” a documentary that chronicles Michelle’s experiences writing and promoting her second memoir of the same name. Focusing on overcoming adversity in uncertain times, the documentary features an in-depth conversation between Michelle and Oprah.

Regardless of their public displays of affection, Michelle and Barack’s relationship requires effort and commitment, just like any other marriage. As Michelle suggests, it is important for us to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work that goes into building and maintaining a life with another person.