Mescal and Bridgers’ Twitter Connection, Flirtation, Music Video Appearance, and Joint Red Carpet Debut

– Mescal and Bridgers first connected on Twitter in May 2020 after the singer tweeted about watching “Normal People.”
– They interviewed each other via Instagram Live in the same month, sparking dating rumors.
– They made their red carpet debut as a couple in November 2021 and attended the Met Gala together in May 2022. However, speculation about a breakup arose in December 2022 due to Bridgers’ lyrics in a song.

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In May 2020, Mescal and Bridgers initially connected on Twitter. It all began when Mescal tweeted about feeling sad and horny after watching “Normal People.” To this, Bridgers responded, “I’m officially dead.” The exchange hinted at a deeper connection between them, leaving fans curious about their relationship status.

Shortly after their Twitter interaction, the pair participated in an Instagram Live interview for Wonderland Magazine. Throughout the conversation, they displayed a playful and flirtatious dynamic, fueling rumors of a possible romance. The chemistry between them was undeniable.

The speculation regarding their relationship took a leap in December 2020 when Mescal appeared in Bridgers’s music video for her song, “Savior Complex.” Although their on-screen appearance was brief, fans wasted no time speculating that something more than a professional collaboration was at play.

After a quiet period, news of Mescal and Bridgers’ relationship resurfaced when they made their first public appearance as a couple at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in November 2021. A month later, Bridgers shared a photo of the two on her Instagram feed, confirming their relationship.

Their relationship continued to gain attention when they attended the Met Gala together in May 2022. Mescal further showcased his involvement with Bridgers by starring in the music video for her song, “Sidelines,” released in 2022.

However, speculations arose in December 2022 that the couple had broken up, particularly fueled by the intense lyrics in Bridgers’s song, “Ghost in the Machine.” The lyrics hinted at a tumultuous relationship, but neither Mescal nor Bridgers confirmed the breakup rumors.

In a February 2023 interview with Vanity Fair, Mescal briefly addressed the growing speculation about his personal life. He expressed his desire to keep his private life private, acknowledging the difficulty in achieving this with the public’s curiosity. The couple’s relationship status continued to be a mystery.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Bridgers was seen kissing Bo Burnham at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in May 2023. The public display of affection further fueled rumors and left fans wondering about the current status of Mescal and Bridgers’ relationship.

As the couple remains tight-lipped about their relationship, fans are left to speculate about the state of their union and await any further updates. Their journey from Twitter banter to red carpet appearances has certainly captured the attention of many, emphasizing the challenges of maintaining privacy while being in the public eye.