Meghann Fahy & Leo Woodall’s Date Night at the Emmys: An Inside Look

Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall have bid adieu to The White Lotus. They’re now setting their sights on the 2023 Emmys. The HBO show’s stars, who brought to life the characters Daphne and Jack in the second season, turned the Jan. 15 ceremony into a sweet date night. This came after they found love not on screen, but off it.

They didn’t make a joint appearance on the red carpet, mind you. But they were side by side in the front row. They were rubbing shoulders with their fellow White Lotus cast members.

During a commercial break, something sweet happened. Leo leaned over and planted a kiss on Meghann. An eyewitness told E! News, “Meghann and Leo were super cozy.”

She nestled her head on his shoulder. He returned the favor by kissing her head. They were whispering and laughing, lost in their own world. The source added, “They were being very affectionate.”

The venue was L.A.’s Peacock Theater. Meghann was stunning in a sleeveless red Armani Privé dress. It had a rosy neckline and she paired it with sparkling Bulgari jewelry. Leo, on the other hand, was dapper in a classic black suit with silky lapels. (You can check out all the stars at the Emmys here.)