Megan Fox Reveals MGK Engagement Was Once Cancelled: Current Relationship Status

Jennifer’s Body actress, Megan, opened up about her 11-year marriage with Brian Austin Green. Their relationship kicked off when she was a mere 18 and lasted until 2021. The couple, now separated, co-parent their sons Noah, Bodhi, and Journey.

Megan admitted, “I wasn’t the best girlfriend to Brian.” She also shares sons Noah, Bodhi, and Journey with Brian. “To be brutally honest, he wasn’t always great to me either. But, it’s easy to complain or make it seem like the relationship was one-sided. I wasn’t great. I was young and shouldn’t have been in a relationship with such a high level of commitment.”

She added, “So, I fell in love with other people during that time. I’d go to work and fall in love because I was just a kid.” She confessed she never had the chance to experience the freedom of being single. “I thought I’d embrace single life after my divorce. But, I was single for a mere three weeks.”