Meet Ali Wong’s Daughters, Mari and Nikki: What We Know About the Comedian’s Family Life

– Ali Wong shares two daughters, Mari and Nikki, with her ex-husband Justin Hakuta.
– Wong and her ex-husband have refrained from sharing personal details, including their children’s faces, on social media.
– Wong has written a book dedicated to her daughters inspired by a letter her dad wrote her before he passed and is raising her daughters to be proud of their Asian heritage.

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Ali Wong’s Daughters: Meet Mari and Nikki

Ali Wong, the renowned comedian and star of “Beef,” has two daughters with her former husband, businessman Justin Hakuta. In her book “Dear Girls” and Netflix comedy specials, Mari and Nikki have been referenced. However, Wong and Hakuta have kept their children’s personal details, including their faces, off social media.

Despite the challenges of balancing motherhood with work, Wong has found a way to merge the two. Her book was inspired by a letter her father wrote to her before passing away, and it’s dedicated to her girls. Wong often talks about the importance of keeping her past private from her children, who only know her after she filmed her specials with them in utero.

Wong is also raising her daughters to have a strong sense of pride in their Asian heritage. She shared in a now-deleted Instagram post her desire for them to grow up proud and understand that people who look like them are capable of so much.

While it’s clear that Wong adores her daughters, she has chosen to keep their personal lives private. Read on to find out more about Mari and Nikki!