Meagan Good Confirms Jonathan Majors as Her Boyfriend is The One

Meagan Good is all in with Jonathan Majors. The Shazam! star has been open about her budding romance with the Loki actor. She’s not just living in the moment, but also looking ahead to what their future might hold.

When asked if she believes Jonathan is her soulmate, she didn’t hesitate. This happened while she was strutting the red carpet at the 55th NAACP Awards on March 16. Her answer to E! News’ Francesca Amiker was a simple, “Yeah.”

Jonathan, who was right there with her, was taken aback. His response? A surprised, “What?” It’s clear he wasn’t expecting that!

Meagan’s feelings for Jonathan are strong. She’s in love, and she’s not afraid to say it. This is a new chapter for her after her previous marriage to DeVon Franklin.

She’s smitten with Jonathan, and it’s not just about his looks. She’s a fan of his style. The 42-year-old actress gushed, “I just love how he puts it together.”

Jonathan isn’t shy about expressing his feelings either. He’s quick to shower Meagan with compliments. He’s particularly proud of her recent nominations for her roles in the Prime Video series Harlem and the Lifetime movie Buying Back My Daughter.