Matthew Lawrence Receives Seal of Approval from Chilli’s Son Tron Austin

– Chilli’s son Tron Austin approves of Matthew Lawrence as his mother’s new partner and is happy to see her in a genuine relationship.
– Chilli is being careful about building her relationship with Lawrence, but her willingness to be open about it shows that he is a special person in her life.
– Chilli has expressed openness to starting a family with Lawrence in the future, and he has called her an amazing person who would be an incredible mother again.

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Matthew Lawrence, known for his role in “Family Legacy,” has been given the seal of approval by Chilli’s son Tron Austin. In an interview with People, Austin shared his thoughts on his mom’s new relationship and Lawrence. He expressed happiness at seeing his mom happy and finding new love. According to Austin, Chilli is being careful about her relationship with Lawrence, and they have only met a couple of times. However, he sees the relationship as special and is happy for his mom.

Chilli and Lawrence, who were first spotted together in Hawaii in August of last year, made their relationship official on Instagram in January. They have been open about their budding romance and their future plans. Chilli, who has a son from a previous relationship, has not ruled out having children with Lawrence in the future. Lawrence, too, has expressed interest in starting a family with Chilli at some point. However, they both recognize that marriage is a prerequisite for having children and are taking their time.

Austin is glad that his mom has found someone who makes her happy and wishes them the best. He described Lawrence as a great guy and expressed happiness for his mom. Chilli has been protective about her relationship with Lawrence, but her willingness to share it with the public shows how important he is to her. While there is no guarantee of what the future holds, Chilli and Lawrence seem to be enjoying their time together and are happy to take it one step at a time.

In conclusion, Chilli’s son Tron Austin is happy for his mom’s new relationship with Matthew Lawrence. He sees the relationship as special and is glad to see his mom happy. Chilli and Lawrence have been open about their future plans, including the possibility of having children. While they are taking their time, they both seem to be enjoying each other’s company and are happy with the way things are going. Austin expressed his support for his mother and Lawrence and wished them the best.