Matt Damon’s Daughter Prefers His Poorly Reviewed Movies Over Good Ones

1. Matt Damon’s daughter prefers to watch his movies that have been certified rotten on Rotten Tomatoes.
2. She even trolls him by talking about his poorly reviewed performances with her friends.
3. Despite this, Damon had his family’s support at the premiere of his film “Air”, including his daughter.

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Matt Damon shares a relatable parental moment on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” where he talks about how his daughter, Isabella, only watches his poorly reviewed performances. The 16-year-old has no interest in watching “Good Will Hunting” but prefers to see her father’s movies certified rotten on Rotten Tomatoes.

Damon explains that his daughter likes to give him a hard time and is very clear about not wanting to see anything that he’s in if she thinks it might be good. She only wants to see the ones that get bad reviews. In fact, Damon even heard Isabella talking to her friends about his movie “The Wall,” and when he corrected her, she replied, “Dad, there is nothing great about that movie.”

The actor’s wife Luciana Barroso is not afraid to give her honest opinion about his movies as well. Damon shared that Barroso gave him a brutally honest review of “Air” and his ’80s wardrobe in the film. She said, “That movie’s great. You look awful.” Despite the honest reviews, Damon had his family’s support at the “Air” premiere in Los Angeles on March 27, where even Isabella was in attendance.

Damon’s daughter’s behavior prompted talk show host Seth Meyers to say, “That is the most ice-cold 16-year-old thing I’ve ever heard.” Damon’s relatable experience as a parent may resonate with many who can relate to their children’s unconventional tastes or their unfiltered opinions.