Marshall Glaze from Love Is Blind Engaged to Chay Barnes

The story of Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze is a roller coaster. Fans were left shocked when Jackie decided to give Josh Demas, her other pod connection, a second chance. This happened before she called off her engagement to Marshall.

During a reunion, Jackie clarified the sequence of events. She stated, “I broke up with Marshall before I met Josh at the coffee shop.” She was keen to dispel any rumors of infidelity, asserting, “It looks like I’m a cheater. I am not a cheater.”

Jackie then spoke about her split with Marshall. She admitted she could “take accountability” for her actions and words. However, she expressed hope that Marshall would do the same. She concluded, “We just weren’t meant to be.”

What about her relationship with Josh? They were still an item and cohabitating during After the Altar. But, on a September 17 Instagram Live, Jackie revealed they had parted ways.

Marshall, on the other hand, was left hanging. He had hoped for closure with Jackie, but she didn’t show up at the live taping. He was left with unexpressed feelings for his ex-fiancé.

Marshall did find a brief connection with Kacia, another contestant, post-show. In an E! interview, he shared, “We tried, but I wanted to just distance myself from all of that from that experience.”

In After the Altar, Marshall dropped a bombshell. He’s been seeing Dr. Chay Barnes for a year and plans to spend his life with her. They got engaged in December 2023.