Marilyn Monroe Doppelganger Jasmine Chiswell Clarifies Surgery Rumors

– TikToker Jasmine Chiswell addressed claims that she had surgery to look like Marilyn Monroe
– Jasmine denied having any surgical procedures done and said that she just loves vintage style and her natural hair is blonde
– Jasmine, who used to work in the film and television industry, now lives in Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio’s former home in LA with her husband, who is a music producer

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A TikToker named Jasmine Chiswell, who resembles Marilyn Monroe with her vintage style, recently responded to allegations that she has undergone surgery to look like the iconic actress. One critic claimed that Jasmine had an obsession and underwent surgery to achieve Marilyn’s look, to which she responded through a video by clarifying that she loves vintage style, and her natural hair is blonde. Furthermore, she denied the accusation of undergoing any surgical procedures and stated that she takes it as a compliment to be compared to Marilyn Monroe.

Jasmine is known for her Marilyn Monroe-inspired fashion. She had previously worked in the film and TV industry and had written and directed horror movies. However, now she is focusing on her social media channels. Jasmine welcomed a baby boy with her husband Maverick McNeilly, who is a music producer.

Currently, Jasmine is living in Marilyn Monroe’s former home in Los Angeles with her husband, as they both fell in love with the house, not just because it was owned by Marilyn, but also because it reminded Jasmine of Scotland in a peculiar way.

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