CelebritiesNewsMaren Morris, Ryan Hurd Finalize Divorce Settlement After 3 Months

Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd Finalize Divorce Settlement After 3 Months

Maren Morris is putting the final touches on her divorce from Ryan Hurd. She’s doing it one line at a time. The country singer, who’s been married to the songwriter for five years, is now finalizing the details.

They’ve managed to reach a settlement. This agreement will allow them to share custody of their 3-year-old son, Hayes. The legal documents that reveal this were obtained by multiple media outlets.

“The Bones” singer, that’s Maren, has agreed to pay Ryan $2,100 a month in child support. That’s if the judge gives the green light to the paperwork, of course.

What about their property? Well, the ex-couple will divide their stuff based on their prenup. They updated it in October 2022, just so you know.

Maren, who’s 33, filed for divorce in October. The reason? “Irreconcilable differences”.

She didn’t say anything about the split for two months. Then, she opened up to Howard Stern. She said she’d recently had a sort of transformation, a way to “cut all the trauma out of my hair.”

She reflected on the year, saying it’s been tough for many, not just her. “A lot of people that are close to me have gone through it,” she said in December. She knows many who’ve faced breakups or divorces.

Mia Scott
Mia Scott
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