Malta Operators: Self-Exclusion Schemes

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There are a few facts you already know. First of all, online gambling is more and more popular than ever before. Secondly, [it is mandatory to play only at online casinos that come with a proper gambling licence. MGA is one of the best and most popular gambling authorities in the world. A less-known fact is that MGA has its own self-exclusion system. 

MGA Self-Exclusion Tool

MGA stands for Malta Gambling Authority and it has been more than just appreciated as a brand that makes any online casino a better and safer place. This is the most popular gambling authority in the world and has been well-known for countless options and features. In order for an online casino to have its licenсe, it must meet many requirements and provide an excellent gambling experience to all players. 

The self-exclusion tool this brand has to offer is similar to GamStop. The goal is to create an account and choose the duration of the self-exclusion period. After that, the majority of casinos that come with an MGA licence will become unavailable for that player. However, there are still some options for players who are looking for Malta casinos at NonGamStopSlots without GamStop self-exclusion and thousands of players continue to play. Once the self-exclusion period expires, you can remove the ban and continue playing. It is a simple mechanism that was seen many times and it usually works perfectly. The best example is the aforementioned GamStop.

It is worth noting that during your self-exclusion period, you cannot remove the ban. There is no way to do this and you won’t be able to play at MGA casinos, period. The goal here is to allow the player some time to solve his gambling addiction or other issues and only then he can return to the casinos and play games. 

The idea comes from the United Kingdom where online casinos have been using a similar system for quite some time. It proved to be successful and effective. In reality, it is one of few methods that work perfectly. 

Are All MGA Operators In The Program?

Yes, all casinos with the MGA licenсe are members of this self-exclusion scheme. After all, if your account is blocked in one casino, you could go to another and play again. The tool eliminates this. You can check MGA casinos not on GamStop to get more options and also to see interesting differences.

The MGA scheme is a bit more advanced than you may believe. First of all, it is extremely safe and appealing to use. There are no complicated steps or anything similar. Secondly, it can work in some casinos that do not have an MGA licence. This is probably the most impressive and the most interesting feature of the program. What this means is if you create your self-exclusion account on any MGA casino, it will prohibit you from gambling at online casinos that come without an MGA licence, but with another licence.

At this moment, all MGA casinos must have the scheme and must use it to be compliant with all UKGC safety standards. But those without a licenсe are not obligated to do this. MGA plans to add or better said include more casinos in the program and therefore make online gambling even safer. However, this is still complicated due to so many reasons and there are no clear signs that MGA will be able to achieve some impressive results.

You may have heard of other platforms of the same type. The goal and the purpose are the same. If a player has a gambling addiction, there was no way to prevent him from gambling. Self-exclusion schemes solve this problem. They are voluntary so every single player can choose when and how long to use them. Once the gambling addiction is solved, a player can continue playing games once again and enjoy online gambling. Keep in mind that all of these self-exclusion schemes work only for online casinos. They do not work for mortar casinos. 


MGA is the most common gambling authority and the one that has its own self-exclusion scheme. Many operators choose this licence because of its cost and simple rules, it is similar to Curacao licence but has its own advantages. It is similar to other platforms of the same type and it works in the same way. It is available at all MGA casinos and even some that don’t have their licence. In the future, this platform will become more popular and more common among players due to its simplicity, success, and the fact you can find it at many online casinos.