Lil Nas X Reveals Saweetie as His Celebrity Crush in E! News Interview

1. Saweetie revealed that Lil Nas X is her male celebrity crush, while Rihanna is her female celebrity crush.
2. Lil Nas X jokingly tweeted about leaving the LGBT community, but later clarified that he loves the queer community.
3. In a recent interview, Lil Nas X discussed his dating life and his preference for focusing on himself rather than being in a serious relationship. Saweetie is currently focused on creating a masterpiece debut album.

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Saweetie has revealed her celebrity crushes, and among them is Lil Nas X, who she praised for his looks and skin regimen during an interview with E! News. In response, the rapper joked on Twitter, “Goodbye lgbt community, we had a great run.” However, when some fans criticized his comments as brushing off bisexuality, Lil Nas X quickly clarified that he loves the “queers” and cited examples of his familiarity with the community.

Lil Nas X has been open about his sexuality since coming out as gay in 2019. He recently spoke to GQ about his dating life, stating that he still has an amicable relationship with his most recent ex, but he’s not rushing into another serious commitment. For him, focusing on his career is more important than forming a new romantic connection, as he often needs time to “go missing for like a week” to work on himself.

As for Saweetie, she has been focused on her music and is currently working on her debut album. She’s been deliberate in taking the time to perfect it and create a “masterpiece” that represents who she is as an artist. In a recent interview with POPSUGAR, she shared her goal for listeners to come away feeling like they truly know her as Saweetie or Diamonté.

Despite their busy careers, both Lil Nas X and Saweetie are not immune to celebrity crushes. However, these interests do not seem to be getting in the way of their work or personal lives.