Let TikTok’s Diamond Lips Trend Help You Grab Everyone’s Attention

– The diamond lips trend on TikTok involves adding glitter to the lips for a shiny, sparkly pout
– In creator Eva Larosa’s tutorial, she uses a silver metallic eyeliner pencil and lip liner in Pillow Talk for the look
– Other viral beauty trends on TikTok include the W blush technique, manga lashes, and skin cycling, but DIY period face masks and DIY bleached eyebrows are potentially risky.

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TikTok has introduced a new beauty trend that is all about diamond lips. The trend involves lining the cupid’s bow with a silver metallic eyeliner pencil, filling in with a lip liner, blending the two products together with fingers and then layering a clear lip balm and sparkly snow-colored eyeshadow to finish. The hashtag has already garnered more than four million views and seen influencers adopt the high-shine, glitter-embellished style that gives a super sparkly pout.

For those seeking a simpler way to achieve this look, some users have showcased an alternative version by adding a glittery lip gloss on top of their preferred lipstick color. Regardless of how it’s achieved, it’s clear that the diamond lips trend will make one shine, fitting for the festive season.

TikTok has been used to share various beauty trends, including the “I’m Cold” makeup look, which mimics the flushed skin people get in winter, and manga lashes that play up the anime characters’ eyes. Meanwhile, an at-home bleached eyebrow trend has influenced people to rock the bold look, and skin cycling has been recommended for a skincare routine that involves creating a four-night schedule for exfoliation, retinoids, and recovery nights.

Amid these trends, it’s important to note that some are potentially risky, such as using menstrual blood on the skin to achieve clear skin or bleaching eyebrows without proper tools or training. However, skin cycling is recommended by dermatologists, like New York-based Dr. Whitney Bowe, as it can enhance the effects of skincare products and ultimately help achieve healthier skin.