Kim Petras Talks Early Success in the Queer Community and Pushing Past Hate as a Trans Pop Star

– Kim Petras reflects on her early success in the queer community, which helped her learn about music, love and friendship. She hopes her music speaks to young trans people as it does to her and wants her fans to see her as a proof that there is a path through hate.
– As the first trans woman to win a best pop duo Grammy, Petras recognizes that it has always been hard for the trans community, and she encourages fans to find their passion and work hard on that. She is set to release a new album called “Feed the Beast” on June 23.
– Petras teams up with Motorola to promote its new razr+, saying that she has always wanted the pink razr phone since high school. Her favorite feature is the new cell’s 3.6″ external display screen, which mirrors her steadfast sense of self and fun.

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German pop star Kim Petras has come a long way since her debut single “I Don’t Want It At All” five years ago. Recently, Petras won a Grammy, released a chart-topping collaboration with Nicki Minaj, and is set to launch her first major-label album soon. Despite her achievements, Petras says she still thinks she isn’t good enough every time she goes into a session, but it’s this feeling that helps her produce better music as she believes it’s her calling to create music forever.

Petras attributes her early success to the queer community, particularly gay clubs, where she learned “about music, about friendship, about love, about anything from my community.” As a trans performer, she says that when she first started, it was difficult for people to recognize her as an artist beyond her gender identity. However, with over ten years of writing and releasing independent music, Petras has proven her talent and amassed a loyal fanbase. She hopes her music inspires young trans people as it does to herself and encourages them to find their passion, work hard on it, and not define themselves solely by their gender or sexuality.

As a performer, Petras wants to remain true to herself, and this is why she loves celebrating Pride month, which reminds her of her aspirations to grow up and be the person she envisioned herself to be. To coincide with the festivities, Petras has partnered with Motorola to celebrate the relaunch of the pink Razr phone, a device that she’s always wanted, and which she says perfectly matches her fun and authentic personality.

Petras has a new album, “Feed the Beast,” set to release on June 23, and she’s excited about the message behind it, “which is kind of just to go for it and do what you’re most scared of.” Despite its delay from last year, the album has been highly anticipated, and fans are eager to hear her new songs. Petras encourages everyone to find what makes them special and be their authentic selves, not caring what others think about it.