Kim Kardashian Attends Usher’s Concert in Las Vegas with Friends After Missing Out on Birthday Surprise Trip

– Kim Kardashian finally got to see Usher perform with her friends Chris Appleton, Lukas Gage, and Allison Statter, after her earlier birthday trip to Vegas to see him got canceled due to bad weather.
– The group had a fun time singing along and dancing during the concert, and Usher even came down to their section to give Kim a shout-out.
– Kim shared on Instagram that she might be making a return trip to see Usher again soon and that he had previously invited her to another concert after her earlier trip failed.

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Kim Kardashian finally got the chance to see Usher in concert on Saturday, and this time, she made sure everything was under control. Accompanied by her friends Chris Appleton, Lukas Gage, and Allison Statter, the Skims founder enjoyed the show and shared the experience with her fans on Instagram. Kim had previously missed the opportunity to attend Usher’s concert when Khloé tried to surprise her for her 42nd birthday with a trip to Las Vegas, which unfortunately went awry due to bad weather conditions.

This time, there were no missed opportunities, and the foursome made sure to make the most of it. During one of Usher’s performances, he came over to Kim’s group to sing “Superstar” and give her a shout-out, saying, “What up Kim, you made it.” It was a moment that Kim, Appleton, and Gage cherished, as they sang along with the “My Boo” singer.

Despite having finally seen the concert, Kim is already planning her second trip to Vegas with her girls. She claims that her friends were unhappy about not being there to share the experience and that she has to come back with them soon. Usher, who had previously invited her to another concert after her birthday trip failed, is sure to welcome her back with open arms.

As the night came to an end, Kim, Gage, and Appleton were seen having a great time and enjoying the concert to the fullest. The group’s Instagram stories captured their favorite moments and showed how much fun they had. Kardashian fans were thrilled to see the photos, and the Instagram story posts have gone viral on social media. Kim’s eventful night with Usher and company was a success, and the singer made sure to give her the concert experience she deserved.