Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s Feud and the Shocking Claim about Never Having a Beer

– Khloé and Kim Kardashian claim to have never had a beer before, but there is evidence that disproves this statement.
– Kim has been seen consuming beer in the past, including during her 30th birthday celebration and on a St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl.
– While Kim may not be a big drinker, there is enough evidence to call her claim of never tasting beer into question.

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The season four premiere of “The Kardashians” brought along with it a surprising revelation from Kim and Khloé Kardashian: they claim to have never had a beer before. As the sisters arrive in Cabo for a family vacation, Kendall Jenner hands Khloé a refreshing Corona, only for her to admit that she’s never had a regular beer. Kim, intrigued, takes a sip and exclaims, “Oh! It’s kinda sweet.” This declaration left viewers puzzled, as they have seen Kim drink beer in the past.

Khloé later clarifies that she has actually had beer before, but only in Jamaica. She insists that she has never had a Corona or any American beer for that matter. Kylie Jenner chimes in, proclaiming, “Beer is the best thing ever,” while Kendall remarks, “that’s crazy.” Longtime fans of the Kardashians may recall moments when Kim has been seen consuming beer. For instance, at her 30th birthday celebration, she followed in her mom Kris Jenner’s footsteps and did a keg stand, which undoubtedly involves drinking beer. Additionally, just seven months ago, she went on a pub crawl during St. Patrick’s Day, holding both a pint and a shot of Guinness in photos.

While Kim has admitted to not being a big drinker in the past and only started drinking at the age of 42, it’s hard to ignore the evidence that contradicts her claim of never having tasted beer. Despite this controversy, Kim seems to have found her preferred drink of choice, opting for a shot of pineapple and a shot of tequila. She stated on the “Goop” podcast with Gwyneth Paltrow that two shots are enough to satisfy her. Although it is clear that Kim may not be an avid beer drinker, there are enough instances to question her assertion that she had never tried it before the Cabo trip.

In an intense guacamole-making competition later in the episode, Kendall refers to Kim as a “goddamn liar,” and it’s difficult not to agree. The evidence speaks for itself, proving that Kim’s claim of never tasting beer is dubious at best. While it may be amusing to go through more photos of Kim holding a beer, it’s clear that she has indeed partaken in the drink before. So, sorry Kim, the evidence stands against you!