Kentucky Woman Loses $10,000 in Marriage Scam Involving “Stranger Things” Star Dacre Montgomery

– A woman from Kentucky claims she lost $10,000 after falling victim to a scammer who pretended to be “Stranger Things” actor Dacre Montgomery.
– The scammer convinced the woman that he was Montgomery by referencing specific details from the TV show and sending her poems similar to those in Montgomery’s book.
– The scammer manipulated the woman by portraying Montgomery’s real-life girlfriend as controlling and eventually convinced her to send him money, leading to the breakdown of her marriage.

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Title: Woman Scammed $10,000 and Loses Marriage in an Unfortunate Catfishing Incident Involving “Stranger Things” Star Dacre Montgomery

In a recent episode of the popular YouTube series “Catfished,” a woman named McKala from Kentucky shared her heart-wrenching story of how she fell victim to an elaborate scam orchestrated by an individual impersonating “Stranger Things” actor Dacre Montgomery. McKala, an artist, met the imposter on an online forum and was initially cautious but found herself gradually believing the person was indeed Montgomery due to a series of seemingly convincing interactions.

The fake Montgomery went to great lengths to deceive McKala, including providing details about an upcoming “Stranger Things” episode titled “Dear Billy” before its premiere and sharing poems similar to those found in Montgomery’s 2020 book, “DKMH: Poems by Dacre Montgomery.” These manipulative tactics played with McKala’s emotions and made her trust and invest in the scammer further.

McKala’s connection with the imposter deepened when he began discussing his troubled relationship with his real-life girlfriend, Liv Pollock, painting her as controlling. Feeling a connection due to her own experiences with a possessive ex-husband, McKala sympathized with the fake Montgomery’s predicament. As the scam progressed, the imposter revealed that in order to escape his alleged controlling partner, he desperately needed financial assistance. Tragically, McKala ended up sending a substantial sum of $10,000 to help him.

As the situation unfolded, the scammer presented McKala with an ultimatum, forcing her to choose between her husband and Montgomery. In a moment of vulnerability, McKala chose the fake Montgomery, leading to the dissolution of her marriage. Left alone with her young daughter, McKala carried a glimmer of hope that her online companion might still turn out to be genuine, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. On reflection, she recognized her own vulnerabilities, such as a fear of abandonment, people-pleasing tendencies, and codependency, which the scammers preyed upon.

While “Catfished” shed light on McKala’s heartbreaking story, representatives for Dacre Montgomery have yet to comment on the incident. This unfortunate tale serves as a cautionary reminder of the dangers of online deception and the emotional toll it can exact on its victims. McKala’s story serves as a stark reminder for everyone to remain vigilant, protecting themselves from potential scams while engaging with others online.

Remember, it is crucial to exercise caution and skepticism when forming relationships through virtual platforms, ensuring you verify identities before placing trust in someone you’ve only encountered online. Let McKala’s story serve as a reminder to be mindful of our vulnerabilities and to prioritize our emotional well-being in all our digital interactions.

Watch the full episode of “Catfished” below to learn more about McKala’s harrowing ordeal and the devastating consequences she faced due to an impersonator preying on her desire for connection and affection.


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