Joshua Jackson Opens Up About His Relationship with Jodie Turner-Smith

– Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith’s relationship may not have worked out if they had met five years earlier.
– They first met in 2018 and got married the following year, and their daughter was born in 2020.
– Jackson didn’t think he ever wanted to get married until he met Turner-Smith, and they frequently pay tribute to each other.

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Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith have been married since 2019, and the two have been open about their love for each other. However, in a recent interview with The Times, Jackson revealed that their relationship may not have gone as smoothly if they had met five years earlier. The couple met in 2018 at a charity event and got married the following year. They also welcomed a baby girl in 2020.

Jackson shared that when they first started dating, they found ways to spend every moment together, even finding reasons to be in different cities at the same time. Turner-Smith even proposed to Jackson while they were on vacation in Nicaragua. Jackson said that he wasn’t expecting the proposal, but he instinctively said yes.

Jackson admitted that he wasn’t ready for marriage before meeting Turner-Smith, saying, “I didn’t think I ever wanted to get married.” However, he said that meeting his wife at the right moment in his life and being “old enough to be able to do this” changed his perspective.

The couple frequently pays tribute to each other, with Turner-Smith telling People in 2021 that it’s beautiful to be with someone who is so supportive and loving. Jackson and Caplan starred in the “Fatal Attraction” remake, and fans can expect to see the couple’s love story continue to flourish both on and off-screen.