Jolie’s Relationship with Voight: From Struggles to Reconciliation

– Voight is an acclaimed actor, known for his roles in movies such as “Midnight Cowboy” and “Coming Home,” as well as TV shows like “Ray Donovan.”
– Jolie and Voight had a troubled relationship, with public arguments and estrangement. However, they eventually reconciled and started speaking again, with Jolie mentioning that Voight has met her children.
– Voight praised Jolie’s parenting skills and expressed his support for former President Donald Trump.

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In the glitzy world of Hollywood, relationships can be as tumultuous as they are captivating. One such dynamic that has captivated the public’s attention for decades is the complicated bond between actress Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight. Through the highs and lows, their journey highlights the challenges of navigating fame and family ties. Join us as we delve into the intriguing narrative of their relationship over the years.

Jon Voight, a native of Yonkers, NY, embarked on his acting career following his college graduation. With his breakthrough role in 1969’s “Midnight Cowboy,” Voight garnered critical acclaim, eventually leading him to win an Academy Award for his role in 1978’s “Coming Home.” His impressive screen credits include notable films such as “Heat,” “Mission: Impossible,” and “Ali.” In recent years, he graced the small screen in Showtime’s series “Ray Donovan” and shared the screen with Jolie in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” playing the role of her character’s father. Despite Voight’s success, his relationship with his daughter has not been without its challenges.

Publicly, Jolie and Voight have experienced their fair share of difficulties. In 2002, during Jolie’s separation from her then-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, Voight lashed out at his daughter through the media. Expressing his sorrow, he confessed his failed attempts to reach out and provide support to Jolie, acknowledging her candid discussions about her mental health struggles in interviews. Jolie, in response, refrained from disclosing the reasons behind their troubled relationship but expressed her desire for a warm and loving rapport with her father. The estrangement persisted until her mother’s passing in 2007.

Over time, however, it appears that Jolie and Voight began to rebuild their connection. In a 2010 interview with Parade, Jolie revealed that they had started to communicate again. Their reconciliation progressed, as evidenced by her statement in the January 2012 issue of Marie Claire. Jolie disclosed that her father had met her children, emphasizing the importance of such meetings. While their past remained off-limits, it marked a significant milestone in their ongoing journey towards healing. Jolie took the initiative to reconnect with Voight after six years of silence upon her mother’s demise, signaling a fresh beginning for their relationship.

Despite their tumultuous past, Jolie and Voight seem to have found common ground in recent years. In a candid interview with Vanity Fair in 2017, Jolie commended her father’s role as a grandparent, acknowledging his understanding of the children’s need for their grandfather’s presence. Furthermore, Voight himself lauded Jolie’s parenting skills, praising her love, involvement, and concern for their children. As a doting grandfather, he realized the unique qualities each child possessed and understood the importance of nurturing their individuality.

The constant evolution of Jolie and Voight’s relationship showcases the complexities of familial bonds, particularly under the limelight of the entertainment industry. While their journey has been marked by challenges and estrangement, it also reveals the power of reconciliation and personal growth. As time progresses, only the two of them can determine the ultimate path their relationship will take, weaving a tale that encapsulates the intricacies of love, forgiveness, and understanding in a world defined by glitz and glamor.