Jeremy Allen White’s Family: Meet His Theater Actor Parents

– Jeremy Allen White is the son of Eloise Zeigler and Richard White, both of whom were theater actors pursuing careers on Broadway.
– Jeremy has expressed his love and appreciation for his parents on public occasions, including during his Golden Globe acceptance speech and at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
– Zeigler keeps Jeremy updated on the chatter surrounding him on Twitter, and he values her input and support.

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Born in New York City on February 17, 1991, Jeremy Allen White comes from a family deeply rooted in theater. The son of Eloise Zeigler and Richard White, both Broadway actors, Jeremy’s upbringing was filled with the vibrancy and passion of the performing arts. While he doesn’t often discuss his family life, Jeremy has publicly expressed his love and appreciation for his parents on several occasions.

One such occasion was at the Golden Globes in January 2023, where Jeremy won the award for best TV actor for his role as Carmy in “The Bear.” Grateful for their unwavering support, he used his acceptance speech as an opportunity to honor his parents. The crowd applauded as Jeremy emotionally exclaimed, “My parents, I love you! Thank you for making me feel like this was possible.”

A month later, at the 29th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jeremy’s mom accompanied him on the red carpet. The pair looked absolutely adorable as they posed for photos, showcasing their undeniable bond. That night, Jeremy took home the award for outstanding performance by a male actor in a comedy series, adding to his already impressive accolades.

In an interview with Vanity Fair in February 2023, Jeremy opened up about the newfound attention he was receiving after his role in “The Bear.” Despite the influx of buzz surrounding him on social media, he admitted that he tries not to pay too much attention. Instead, it is his mom who fills him in on the chatter, keeping him grounded and focused on his passion for acting. Reflecting on his journey, Jeremy explained, “I’ve been acting since I was 18. I was on this show [‘Shameless’] for 11 years that was popular, but I wasn’t getting as much attention then as I am now.”

To learn more about Jeremy’s parents and their impact on his life, scroll through the accompanying gallery. Their influence has undoubtedly shaped him into the talented actor he is today, and their unwavering support continues to be a driving force behind his success.