Jeremy Allen White Allegedly Acknowledges Rosalía’s Ex Rauw Alejandro, Fans Believe

Jeremy Allen White’s recent actions seem to hint at his rumored love affair with Rosalía. It’s a subtle nod that’s as perfect as a chef’s kiss.

He made a public appearance at the 2024 Critic’s Choice Awards on January 14. His outfit of choice? A black, pinstriped suit. But it wasn’t just any suit. It was accessorized with a unique piece: an $875 Tiffany & Co. Amapola Brooch.

This isn’t just any brooch, though. It’s the same one that Rosalía’s ex, Rauw Alejandro, wore. He sported it when he graced the red carpet of the 23rd annual Latin Grammys. That was back in November 2022, and he was with Rosalía then.

Rauw’s outfit was a simple black suit, but the red floral boutonniere stood out. Social media users were so taken with Rauw’s subtle tribute to his then-girlfriend that they gave the brooch a nickname. They started calling it the “Rosalía Rose.”

Fast forward to now, and it seems Jeremy’s affection for the Grammy winner is blooming. He seems to be following in Rauw’s footsteps, at least in terms of fashion.

After Jeremy’s twinning moment with Rauw, fans were quick to share their thoughts. They had a lot to say about this potential new romance.

One user wrote on X, “The fact that Rosalía makes her bfs [wear] that rose is kinda slay.” Another was pleasantly surprised by Jeremy’s gesture. They said, “Jeremy Allen wearing the Rosalía rose on the red carpet is BDE and I didn’t get it before, but now… I see it girl.”