Jennifer Hudson Serenades Son David Otunga Jr. on His Birthday with “Happy Birthday” Song

– Jennifer Hudson serenaded her son, David Otunga Jr., on his 14th birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” to him in a video shared on Instagram.
– In the video, David showed off his basketball skills before his mom sang to him, wearing a shirt with the number 13 on it, but clarified that he was now 14 years old.
– Hudson asked her fans to help make David’s day special by sharing their birthday wishes for him in the comments and expressed her disbelief that her son is now 14 years old.

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Title: Jennifer Hudson Celebrates Son’s 14th Birthday with Song and Sweet Memories


In a heartwarming Instagram video posted on August 10th, Grammy-winning singer Jennifer Hudson gave her fans a glimpse into the intimate celebration of her son David Daniel Otunga Jr.’s 14th birthday. The video showcases the bond between mother and son, with Hudson indulging her son’s love for basketball before serenading him with her pitch-perfect rendition of “Happy Birthday.” As Hudson’s only child, David holds a special place in her heart, evident not only in the video but also in the heartfelt caption accompanying it.

Son’s Basketball Skills and Birthday Tradition:

Donning a red t-shirt bearing the number 13, David confidently shows off his basketball skills in the video. In a playful exchange, Hudson teasingly questions why he is wearing a shirt that corresponds to the previous year’s age. David responds with a smile, proudly declaring that he has now turned 14. The genuine joy and love shared between the mother and son radiate as Hudson transitions into a soulful rendition of “Happy Birthday,” marking the highlight of the celebration.

Hudson’s Call to Fans and Parental Pride:

Jennifer Hudson extends the celebration beyond their immediate circle, encouraging her fans and followers to leave their warm birthday wishes for David in the comments. In her caption, she expresses amazement at the realization that her son has reached the remarkable milestone of 14 years, emphasizing her gratitude for God’s blessings in her life. This public display of affection not only celebrates David’s special day but also showcases Hudson’s unwavering commitment to her role as a nurturing and proud mother.


Despite her busy career in the entertainment industry, Jennifer Hudson makes it a priority to create magical moments for her son, David Daniel Otunga Jr. On his 14th birthday, the mother-son duo shared an endearing video that documented their celebration. The light-hearted banter about basketball and the heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday” exemplify the love and connection between them. Additionally, Hudson’s call for her fans’ involvement in celebrating David’s birthday speaks volumes about her commitment as a devoted parent. Through her words and actions, Jennifer Hudson proves that despite the trials of life, she cherishes every opportunity to create beautiful memories with her beloved son.