Jason Kelce & Kylie Kelce Love Story: Just Say Yes

Well, she said yes! But not without first enduring a bit of Jason’s nonsense.

On the New Heights podcast episode aired on September 7th, the couple spilled the beans about their engagement. Jason started off by confessing that he’s not exactly a “romantic” type.

Jason, an NFL star, popped the question to Kylie in his car. This happened as they were leaving her folks’ place.

He shared, “I couldn’t figure out how to sneak back into the house.” He was worried that if he said, ‘Hey I gotta go talk to your dad for a sec,’ it would’ve seemed suspicious.

So, Jason opted for, well, plan B. “When we got in the car, I said, ‘Ky, I’m sorry but I gotta take a s–t.'”

But Kylie was onto him. She knew something was up when he came back just minutes later. “He came back out and I said, ‘Jason, I know you didn’t just go in there and take a s—t, it usually takes you 20 minutes.'”

Jason decided to cut the crap, literally and figuratively.

“He said, ‘This isn’t the most romantic way to do this,'” Kylie remembered. She started crying instantly, realizing what was happening. It was his mention of being “romantic” that tipped her off.